The Breakup of the Family in the UK!

The West today has terrifying similarities to what happened in communist dictatorships of the past. They all operate by the same doctrine, it's like an old gramophone record that gets stuck in the groove! The brainwashing of children in schools today isn't new! Prior to and leading up to The Chinese Cultural Revolution (1966 to 1976) children were indoctrinated by the state. The role of the parent was marginalised as the state knew best. From the point when Mao took total control of China in 1949, the role of bringing up a child was steadily taken away from parents and taken up by the state. By the time the Cultural Revolution came along, children were reporting their parents to the authorities. Their parents were led away, never to be seen again. Children didn't have any qualms about this as the child parent bond had been severed by the state from an early age. The state knew best. Here in the UK we are following exactly the same path as all the communist systems of the past except this time modern technology is making it more efficient! Wake up people!

Eric von Essex

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