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Joining the dots yet? 18.1.22


Novak (Novax)


Why would anybody swear their allegiance to an organisation which has openly abused children?

UNICEF and the World Economic Forum sign charter with 18 shipping, airlines and logistics companies to deliver COVID-19 vaccines 21 December 2020

Hmm....How are the children trafficked around the world? Interesting don't you think?

NEW YORK/ WASHINGTON DC, 21 December 2020 —The unprecedented magnitude of the pandemic requires innovative and bold collective action from multinational organizations, governments and industries for inclusive and efficient distribution of safe vaccines. With lives and livelihoods of millions across the globe depending on multiple stakeholders harnessing the power of collective action – whether in the field of health delivery, goods delivery or humanitarian service delivery, the logistics sector and UNICEF will play a central role in vaccine distribution. Recognizing this need, 18 shipping, airlines and logistics industry CEOs, the Executive Director of UNICEF, and the President of the World Economic Forum, have signed a charter supporting UNICEF and COVAX countries in four main ways:

  1. Engage with governments, customs authorities, UNICEF and other UN Agencies, and NGOs;..........


Novak and kindergarten?!Saville & Rantzen help the children??! Hasn't your hair risen at the back of your head yet?!







India is also negotiating a similar early harvest agreement with Australia, which is supposed to set the stage for a long-pending Comprehensive Economic Cooperation Agreement that both countries have been pursuing for nearly a decade. While the commencement of negotiations does mark a step forward in the otherwise rigid stance adopted by the NDA Government when it comes to trade liberalisation, experts point to impediments and the potential for legal challenges going ahead.


He is treated liked a head of state, not only at the WHO, but also at the G20,” a Geneva-based NGO representative said, calling Gates one of the most influential men in global health. The member country delegates POLITICO spoke to did not voice particular concern over Gates’ influence and were confident he is well intentioned. However, his sway has NGOs and academics worried. Some health advocates fear that because the Gates Foundation’s money comes from investments in big business, it could serve as a Trojan horse for corporate interests to undermine WHO’s role in setting standards and shaping health policies.


UK and Australia have increased immigration and India gets cheap whisky. Win/win Coudenhove Kalergi Plan

Photo attached of Steve Baker and Lawrence Fox. Politics is a good game.

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