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Bill Gates - Shirley the daughter of a German Jew and your data😒

So what is Shirley's background?

Dame Vera Stephanie "Steve" Shirley CH, DBE, FREng, FBCS, (previously Brook, née Buchthal; born 16 September 1933) is an information technology pioneer, businesswoman and philanthropist (naturalised British in 1951). Shirley was born as Vera Buchthal to Arnold Buchthal, a judge in Dortmund who was JEWISH and who lost his post to the Nazi regime and a non-Jewish Viennese mother. In July 1939, Shirley arrived, at the age of five together with her nine-year-old sister Renate, in Britain as a Kindertransport child refugee, and recognized how lucky she was to have been saved. She was placed in the care of foster parents living in the Midlands town of Sutton Coldfield. She was later re-united with her biological parents, but said she "never really bonded with them".[6] Shirley attributes her early childhood trauma as being the driving force behind her ability to keep up with changes in her life and career.

Well thank you ever so much for introducing Bill Gates to the City. 😒

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