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More Palantir controversy over claims leaked document ‘shows NHS data sharing’ The health service's relationship with the controversial US big data company is in the spotlight again. By Sophia Waterfield

March 20, 2023updated 21 Mar 2023 12:20pm

NHS England and the UK government are coming under fire as internal documents appeared to reveal that hospitals in the country have been ‘ordered’ to share patients’ confidential medical records with US tech firm, Palantir. Though NHS England denies the claims, it is the latest controversy surrounding the health service’s relationship with Palantir, and comes as three organisations banded together to take the NHS to court over its pilot with the CIA-funded company.

An internal document shared with OpenDemocracy reportedly shows that NHS England finance chief Julian Kelly has told NHS trusts they have until the end of March to begin uploading patient information. The letter states that information will be stored in a new central database using Palantir’s Foundry software. The database is called “Faster Data Flows” and will collect daily information about hospital patients, including dates of birth, postcodes and detailed medical histories.

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