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Your Bits and Pieces - online for the world to see!

Is that a light at the end of the tunnel or is it a train coming the other way!!

I mentioned in my recent debt advice video that Christians Against Poverty estimate that 60% of the UK Population will be needing debt advice before the end of 2021.

Well we’ve already worked out that Public Health England is working towards the United Nations Sustainability goals for 2030 one of which is to ensure that no one is left behind – roughly translated it means take first world England and replace it with a third world country. I say England because our CV figures are way out of kilter with Wales and Scotland…and even the MSM has revealed that there’s been negligence on a grand scale. Wasn’t it England and Wales that voted to leave the EU?!!

Anyway, I’m going back in time to 7th October, 2018. Here is a picture of Michael Gove stood in front of a rubbish dump. Now before you say that this is the rightful place for all our politicians I’ll move on…

Gove wants us to be able to take away other people’s rubbish. Now I like a bargain as much as the next person but when you know that the government is giving money hand over fist for international aid and we’re being encouraged to rifle through a rubbish dump it does rather hit you in the face. I don’t need Gove or any other self-serving politician telling me what I can or cannot do to be honest. There is no way on earth that the MPs will ever be caught looking for a second hand telly at the dump.

Ah the irony!! Whilst Brits are being encouraged it would appear to forage around on rubbish dumps less than 2 years later, many UK people are becoming increasingly impoverished (they certainly can’t afford to go on holiday) whilst there are various reports from up and down the country of 4 star hotels being filled by people who are not UK citizens…

Ah – wasn’t the reason for international aid to keep people self sufficient in their own countries? Now I’m not going to focus on this one aspect because people who do could be seen as simply stirring the pot….to cause division within the people.

Not only that but only a few hours ago in the Daily Mail*

Matt Hancock called for an end to routine face to face appointments with doctors.

After the Mail had revealed that patients saw their GP in person in only one in ten appointments, the Health Secretary hailed a new era of 'Zoom medicine' where Britons first consult doctors by video or phone. That’s great for the owner of Zoom but not seemingly so great for everybody else using the NHS.

He said that 'unless there was a compelling clinical reason', there was no need for people to go to a hospital or GP surgery.

Mr Hancock argued that even in some emergencies, people should try to go online before turning up at A&E. He told the Royal College of Physicians that the NHS must not 'fall back into bad old habits' following the pandemic.

Since when has Hancock, government actor, been allowed to dictate to the British people if they can see a doctor and what exactly does he mean that the NHS must not fall back into bad old habits? This is genocide yet again.

Hancock studied the usual Philosophy, Politics and Economics (PPE) at Oxford, was an economist at the Bank of England before serving as a senior economic adviser and then later Chief of Staff to George Osborne. We know that Hancock’s maths skills came from the Abbot’s School of numeracy and I know that Osborne struggled too. But Hancock is a banker – penny dropping yet? All computer systems are hackable and by showing your bits and pieces online, this could be classed as hard porn worthy of being circulated around the globe….Just imagine that somewhere on the dark web, you are unwittingly revealing all your embarrassing body parts to say a guy in South Carolina or South Dakota? Nice one. Imagine the humiliation if you found out and no compensation (if indeed such was ever part of the package would be recompense). After all, if you had wanted this to happen you would have volunteered to take part in the TV show ‘Embarrassing bodies’!!

The real prospect of this happening beggars belief!! People have paid their taxes all their lives and are rewarded in this way…

You may all wish to remain silent until it affects your nearest and dearest…

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