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You've outsurpassed yourself this time - Sat, Jan 1, 1:18 PM

Dear Jeff Wyatt

Incredible. Your recent actions in Milton Keynes are so incredibly stupid bordering on insanity. I'd be most pleased to learn of the name of your freemason Lodge. Lucifer must be working overtime at the minute. I'm sure that you're gaining accolades for your acting. What's your connection to MK Looney incidentally ? Are you both collaborators in all of this confusion and chaos on behalf of the Jesuits/freemasons? Perhaps you're committed Common Purpose team members? Did you visit ICU with Sexton? Maybe you can provide footage of the event

Yahweh/Jesus Christ is watching your current activities that will undoubtedly help destroy the Christian faith in the UK and destroy men and women all around the world. Thankyou so much for this.

It's not too late to repent. Working hand in glove with the BBC people on behalf of the powers that be is not a clever move is it? Haven't you got any family that you care about? One assumes the answer is 'no'.

May Yahweh have mercy on you.


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