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Wrestling Part 1!

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places." Ephesians 6:12

DAVID ICKE is one of the most popular conspiracy researchers out there. He has written over 16 books and has had a major influence on the truth and patriot movement. His information is accurate on a number of subjects such as problem-reaction-solution, social engineering and propaganda, European royalty and bloodlines of the world, secret societies and occult orders, child abuse and molestation/sacrifice, and who knows if his reptilian theory is correct, but really that is not a big issue.

Where does the name come from?

Well I’ll look at that in a future show….


(The occult in the broadest sense is a category of supernatural beliefs and practices which generally fall outside the scope of religion and science encompassing such phenomena involving otherworldly agency as mysticism spirituality and magic. In 1875 it was introduced into the English language by the esotericist Helena Blavatsky. Occultism is often used to categorise such esoteric traditions as Spiritualism, Theosophy and New Age).

KEEP IN MIND (the author) AGREED with a lot of what Icke says on his research on child abuse, secret societies, bloodline research, propaganda and social engineering, he is a HUGE part of the author waking up to the seriousness of the conspiracy, but however I feel I must do this as it seems he is unknowingly going along with the very same agenda he claims to be against. He claims that every single religion in the world is all worshipping the same God, and that we give this God some sort of "power" by doing this. He also claims that we are all connected, an idea that stems from eastern and occult religions called pantheism (this is the doctrine that the universe conceived of as a whole is God and conversely that there is no God but the combined substance, forces, and laws that are manifested in the existing universe. He also believes in monism, which is the belief that not only are we all connected, but God is connected to all of us – the doctrine that only one supreme being exists According to the Stanford Encyclopedia, it is characterized by deep love and reverence for the natural world insofar as it exists..)

He also believes in a coming paradigm shift in which the entire planet will physically and mentally shift into a new dimension, a new realm of existence, a new world order, where our potential is limitless and we will literally become gods. (my words – yes a new world order indeed!!). He also has been talking to entities ever since the beginning of his first book, Truth Vibrations, in which these entities have guided his life and pretty much laid out what they want him to do. In fact, he says when he first started to realize they were around him he said he was afraid, but after he came in contact with them he then stopped questioning what they were, and just sort of "went with the flow".

This corresponds with Part 1 first aired on 17th May 2021

After I have completed the shows, I will post the whole manuscript on a separate blog. My thanks to Trey from America who researched and wrote this.

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