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What the Pedophile Allegations Surrounding Sir Leon Brittan Reveal About the Deep State

By Susan Bradford

As Christian nations, Great Britain and the United States protected children, allowing them to

explore the world, unmolested, while instilling in them good character and values. Children were loved,

cherished, and protected until a criminal network surrounding the Vatican and Rothschilds determined

that they could be used as tools for conquest and subversion. The cancer infiltrated these nations in the

1970s, as the cover-up during the Thatcher years revealed.

In 1984, Sir Leon Brittan received a dossier exposing a paedophile network involving “people

in positions of power, influence, and responsibility,” which the Home Secretary discreetly buried.

At the height of the Cold War, Thatcher, Reagan, and the Vatican appeared as a united front

against the spread of Communism in the ideological battle between good and evil.

At the same time, Wall Street was bankrolling Communist revolutions worldwide as part of a

strategy to overthrow governments and exert control over nations for the purposes of seizing assets and

natural resources and establishing monopolies for selected industries.

The drive to normalize paedophilia gained momentum a decade earlier, in 1974, the year

President Richard Nixon resigned over the Watergate scandal. The Nixon Administration had made

great strides in normalizing relations with China, with Rothschild protege Henry Kissinger serving as

Secretary of State.

As reported, in 1972, New York Detective James “Jimmy Boots” Rothstein

“arrested one of the five Watergate burglars, CIA operative Frank Sturgis. During a subsequent two￾hour interrogation, he discovered the truth about Watergate. The burglars sought something they

nicknamed The Book, which listed the Democrat and Republican politicians who accessed child

prostitutes, their sexual proclivities, the amounts they paid to rape kids.”

While the Rothschilds and Vatican were advancing efforts to establish Communist China as

global hegemon, politicians resistant to the agenda were being compromised so that the agenda could

move forward.

Two months after Nixon's resignation, a pro-paedophile activist group called The Paedophile

Information Exchange (PIE) was established in Great Britain to abolish the age of consent and promote

the acceptance of paedophilia. Among PIE's members were intelligence agents, diplomats, among other

people of influence.

By this point, the Rothschilds controled the Vatican, which managed the global trusts, through

which governments around the world contract for goods and services. The powerful dynasty also held

vast influence over Parliament and the British Monarchy which were attempting to restore the United

States to colonial status, an agenda in play since the founding of the country.

Had the United States followed President George Washington's admonishment of avoiding

foreign entanglements and resisting foreign intrigue, perhaps the paedophiles would not have acquired

the foothold that they did in North America.

Not only did the World Wars weigh the United States down in debt, but they opened the door to

theVatican and Great Britain, both of which had fallen into Rothschild hands.

The U.S. Ambassador to the Great Britain during World War II was Joseph Kennedy, the

founding patriarch of the powerful Catholic Kennedy clan. His daughter, Kick, was married into the

British aristocracy, solidifying the Kennedy alliance with the Vatican and Rothschilds.

Heavily aligned with Wall Street, which financed the Communist Russian and Chinese

revolutions, Kennedy became the first chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission. As an

agent for the Vatican, he connected Wall Street to Hollywood film studios, helping to transform them

into vehicles of propaganda.

As Ambassador, Kennedy and his wife “soared to the heights of British society,the U.S. National Archives reported. “In the

spring of 1938, the couple (hobnobbed) with aristocrats and Royalty at

the many balls, dinners, regattas, and derbies of the season. The

highlight was (the weekend) they spent at Windsor Castle (as) guests

of King George VI and his wife, Queen Elizabeth,” both of whom

answered to the Rothschilds.

After World War II, British Prime Minister Winston Churchill, Soviet

Premier Joseph Stalin, and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt met at

Yalta to map out the world for Rothschild/Vatican conquest, which

included a plan to elevate Communist China to leader of the New World

Order while collapsing the United States into a bankrupt, welfare


Kennedy was clearly privy to these plans as his ambitious alcoholic

son, Sen. Ted Kennedy, pandered to these interests by attempting to

become the first American politician to travel to China as part of a

effort to normalize relations between the two countries.

While Nixon was President, Secretary of State Henry Kissinger and

Chairman Mao Tse-tung hatched a scheme to weaponize immigration

against the United States and import “trouble,” Kennedy rewrote

U.S. immigration laws to serve this purpose.

He was also an accused pedophile. A fundraiser for the National

Democratic Party by the name of George Green reported, for example,

that the Senator expressed sexual interest in his 14-year-old


As alarms were raised over growing Communist infiltration of the

West, Sen Joseph McCarthy led efforts to purge Communist sympathizers

from positions of power while deflecting the public's attention from

the true Communist threat posed by the Vatican and Rothschilds at a time when the nation could have done something about it. While

McCarthy recklessly made accusations, many of which were baseless, the

real Communist agenda moved forward.

The Kennedy patriarch ensured that his son, Robert F. Kennedy, served

on the McCarthy-led Senate investigation subcommittee, alongside Roy

Cohn, who compromised influential people to advance the Vatican and

Rothschild's subversive agenda against the United States.

Cohn was a protege of Meyer Lansky who partnered with “Lucky”

Luciano to establish the National Crime Syndicate in New Jersey – a

loosely connected, Brooklyn-based group, consisting of 14 criminal

organizations reportedly run by the Italian-American mafia, Jewish

mob, and African-American and Polish-American crime groups.

Lansky was also an intelligence asset for George H.W. Bush, who was

Director of the CIA, which grew out of the Office of Strategic

Services (OSS), a nascent intelligence network that the Vatican and

Rothschilds exploited to their advantage during the Chinese Communist

Revolution and World War II to advance pre-determined objectives.

Lansky worked closely with Tibor Rosenbaum who joined David

Rockefeller and Baron Edmond de Rothschild to invest in casinos, which

attracted and subsidized organized crime.

As Cohn's protege, Lansky compromised political leaders, judges, and

other people in positions of power on behalf of the Mossad, another

Rothschild-controlled intelligence apparatus.

Following his example, Cohn invited influential people to orgies and

then took pictures of them for safe keeping and blackmail.

Lynn Forester de Rothschild was connected to Jeffrey Epstein by way

of Cohn before this pedophile began procuring children for the British

Royal family and America's so-called elites.

The pedophile infiltration of the United States did not stop with

Watergate, but continued onward through the Reagan Administration,

when Bush, a leading architect of the New World Order, was Vice


Not only did Reagan restore diplomatic relations with the Vatican

under the pretext of fighting Communism, but in 1989, TheWashington

Timesreported on pedophile activity implicating prominent people

surrounding Reagan and Bush.

While America's political establishment was being corrupted by

pedophiles, Thatcher entertained Jimmy Saville who was supplying

children for the British Royals and political elites in Great Britain

– allegations that Brittan helped cover up.

As a reward for his dutiful service to the Rothschilds, Brittan, who

was himself accused of raping children, became Vice President of the

European Commission, a powerful position presiding over the regional

common market the Rothschilds had established as an intermediary step

for the emerging world government.

Through this all, it is important to see how a shadow subversive

force surrounding the Vatican and Rothschilds have compromised

political leaders to prevent them from acting in the interests of the

nations they were elected to serve – and to observe the patterns in

play, from the denials to the deflections and to the networks of

subversion linking a handful of firms, companies, and individuals who,

under the banner of globalism, are inflicting enormous damage upon

nations, governments, and people worldwide. Targeting our children is

perhaps the worst crime of all and one that should awaken and mobilize

the good people of the world against them so that they can reclaim

their countries, values, and freedoms.

Susan Bradford is the author of The End of Globalism:How the

Rothschilds Used Donald Trump as a Trojan Horse to Deceive Patriots;

Perpetuate Color-of-Law Governments and Central Banks; and Rig

Elections to Keep the Failing Plan for World Tyranny and Global

Pillaging on Track.

(c) 2022 Susan Bradford

All Rights Reserved

(Permission has been given for Caroline Stephens to publish this article)

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