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What's so special about freemasonry?

The Masonic Imposition Consider these characteristics of Freemasonry—

  • A Mason is bound to assist his fellow Mason.

  • The Masonic oath supervenes over every other duty the Mason may have, whether to Church or state, to wife, or family.

  • The Masonic oath supervenes over every vow, whether priestly, religious or marriage, the Mason may have taken, and over every oath he may have taken to tell the truth.

  • The Masonic oath supervenes over any oath of office he may have taken, whether as police constable, as lawyer, as magistrate or judge, as member of parliament, or as governor of state, or Commonwealth—or as bishop.

A Mason-priest must assist his fellow Mason-priest if he be a pedophile, or homosexual, fornicator, or thief. The Masonic ‘duty’ supervenes over his duties as a priest and a Catholic. He must then, protect, rather than correct and report to his bishop, the man and his shortcomings.

A Mason-bishop must protect, rather than discipline and remove, his fellow Mason-priest or religious. He must prefer and advance him over others when a vacancy occurs within his diocese.

A Mason-priest or bishop is, ipso facto, under interdict[2] and cut off from the Church’s sacraments. Since he is strictly forbidden to celebrate the sacraments[3] he is a prime candidate for blackmail within the Masonic fraternity. If he should appear to be failing the Masonic requirements, he can quickly be pulled into line.

Moreover, a priest who has committed some evil in the past known to the Masonic fraternity is similarly amenable through blackmail to Masonic discipline. The result is as effective, and as detrimental to the faith and morals of his flock, as if the man were himself a Mason—for he is then under Masonic control.

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