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WEF - useless eaters

MY OWN WORDS!! (Nigel)

According to the World Economic Forum I am now regarded as a “useless eater”, a burden upon humanity? How has this happened and why? Well, having worked for fifty plus years, paid taxes, because I no longer work so they cannot impose “income tax” upon me so I am considered to be a non-contributory commercial liability. The fact that I have been taxed all my working life is no longer relevant to them because the political establishment cannot tax my income as I no longer have one. They would rather that people like us would just do them a favour and conveniently die; they tried hard enough with the fake Covid (rebranded flu) then tried to force us (coerce, call it what you will) us into acceding to an untrialed, untested experimental vaccine with unknown adverse side effects (or perhaps they knew what these would be anyway) and they claimed that us of over a “certain age” were more vulnerable so insisted that all the over sixties were jabbed first. I guess those who died of Covid or the experimental vaccine before their time are merely collateral damage?? Strange my local MP admits that the World Economic Forum does exist (she could hardly deny it!) but refers to The Great Reset “merely” as an “initiative”!?? Yes, really her words not mine?? I wonder what fear factor agenda they are going to try next in an effort to keep the people in a semi-permanent state of anxiety; well they’ve ramped up Ukraine and using the threat of Russia as a tool but the reality is that conflict has been ongoing in Ukraine for over eight years during which time some 15,000 Ukrainians have died; so who is going to be held responsible for those deaths? It seems that the political establishment cannot rely upon another more ludicrous invented Covid strain variants to push people back under the stairs in fear as the story has hit the buffers. So they are now using Climate Change as a weapon and artificially driving retail prices up to create another fear factor food-shortage agenda; if you look closely at the WEF web-site this is of course all planned. As one fear factor agenda loses impetus they roll out another and another just to keep you in check. I nearly forgot, they already threw the fake petrol tanker driver shortage out to test the public resilience, and then we had the fake lack of diesel on the forecourts just to keep us on our toes. Systematically and progressively they have attempted to DIVIDE the people; we had mask wearing (well face nappy) which we know is about as effective as preventing the spread of Covid as a chocolate teapot, this combined with this utterly ridiculous social distancing of standing apart by two metres, I’ve never heard of anything so stupid as that but the SHEEP complied like goody little compliant, obedient SHEEP that they are without question. I thought the human race was more intelligent than that, but clearly I was mistaken. So where is all this heading? Unfortunately, in one direction, digital identity passports where you are connected up to the matrix (spiders web) by means of a Qr code on your faithful 5G compatible iPhone that you have become dependent upon. If you chose NOT to be monitored 24/7 may I respectfully suggest that you take your expensive iPhone out, place it on the concrete and hit it a number of times with a hammer, that should do the trick. Then you can go about your daily life unhindered by some dumb smart device that actually had taken over (or you unwittingly let it!!) your life and ability to think for yourself. Freedom is such a nice feeling! Welcome to REAL living.

From Nigel

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they attached their device by weapon pc i have pics of it taken by infra red camera set up in an activists bedroom. the mouse was all over the room. the spy in the room is a weapon pc with a mouse. attached less than two metres away to torture machine.

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one patent is 4893815

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