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UN and AI

July 17, New York: The United Nations Security Council will have its first official debate on artificial intelligence (AI). As the UN Security Council’s rotating president this month, Britain wants to promote a multilateral approach to addressing the enormous benefits and hazards that artificial intelligence provides, particularly its implications for global peace and security. James Cleverly, Secretary of State for Foreign, Commonwealth, and Development Affairs, will preside over the AI summit, according to the UN. The United Kingdom acknowledges, along with many other Member States, that “humanity stands on the precipice of this gigantic technological leap forward”. Before hosting the first-ever global summit on AI later this year, the UK asks for international discussion at the gathering on the threats and potential it presents for global peace and security, according to a news release from the UK government.The UK, which ranks third internationally in a number of criteria, is a global leader in AI and well-positioned to host these debates. It also stands to benefit from expansion in the AI industry, which now employs over 50,000 people and generates an estimated 3.7 billion pounds in gross value added (GVA) for the UK economy. At the same time as the UK assumed the July UNSC chairmanship, Cleverly started his trip to the UN in New York on Monday. “Cleverly will preside over a UN Security Council discussion on the conflict in Ukraine before announcing more UK action to hold the Russian government responsible for its planned deportation of Ukrainian children. In an effort to obliterate their sense of cultural and national identity, more than 19,000 youngsters have been forcefully sent to re-education camps, according to the press release. “He will also attend the UN High-Level Political Forum to deliver the UK national statement on sustainable development with Member States, civil society organisations, and private sector companies,” it continued. “This will demonstrate the UK’s leadership in uniting the international community to promote future global security, stability, and prosperity, which in turn will benefit the UK economy – supporting the Prime Minister’s priority to grow the economy.

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