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UK will contribute to a Green Climate Change Fund whilst the people starve

Notably, this is the biggest single funding commitment made by the UK to help the world tackle climate change. G20 Summit in India is inching closer to its conclusion.The Green Climate Fund (GCF) is the biggest single funding commitment the UK has made to help the world tackle climate change. It was was established by 194 countries following the Copenhagen Accord at COP15.Uplift makes a significant contribution towards the UK’s pledge to spend 11.6bn Pounds on international climate finance, cementing our global climate leadership. UK continues to show global climate leadership, having cut emissions faster than any other G7 country," said a release by the British High Commission.UK's biggest ever financial aid to tackle climate change The recent contribution will prove to be UK's biggest ever aid to deal with the issue. It will also pave way for similar contributions by other developed nations in future.

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