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Directed Energy Weapons - taken from UK Government website dated 17.8.23 (Maui)


Clarification We are seeking proposals that: show a creative or innovative approach within the areas described above are between Technology Readiness Levels (TRL) 2 -6 have suggested project values of between £50k-£200k, with a maximum of £500k available at this time have a maximum project duration of 12 months We are not seeking proposals that: are identical resubmission of previous bids to DASA or MOD without modification provide solutions which are already commercial products are solely literature reviews offer demonstrations of off-the-shelf products requiring no experimental development (unless applied in a novel way to the challenge) offer no real long-term prospect of integration into defence and security capabilities offer no real prospect of out-competing existing technological solutions Exploitation For near term funded projects (<2 years), the exploitation route will emerge through several upcoming capability decisions and within the wider research programme. For longer term projects (2+ years) the aim will to be exploit relevant innovations in Directed Energy Weapon defence procurements, which is likely to be via strategic defence suppliers.


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