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Toxic Cabin Air

To: Senior Master Fontaine, Queen's Bench Division, Royal Courts of Justice, London

Senior Master Fontaine,

Toxic Cabin Air: The evidence buried for 40 years and for 7 years in the Queen's Bench Division.  No more research needed.

In March 2014, your predecessor Senior Master Steven Whitaker voluntarily resigned having made ‘misleading entries’ in his Outlook diary ‘with the intent to

mislead anyone who might scrutinise the record’. ‘The then Lord Chancellor and the Chancellor of the High Court (on behalf of the Lord Chief Justice) had concluded

that this behaviour amounted to serious misconduct and would have removed the Senior Master from office had he not voluntarily resigned’.

Senior Master Whitaker held only one of the Court of Protection, Medical Certificates,  that had been issued to protect [possibly silence] me. The Court of Protection

have no record of ever receiving this Court of Protection, Medical Certificate, from Senior Master Steven Whitaker.  Senior Master Steven Whitaker has never held a

Court of Protection authorisation.

Senior Master Fontaine. Re: Master Basil Yoxall [Yoxall-Harary], Queen's Bench Division, Royal Courts of Justice. Senior Master Whitaker held only one Court of Protection, Medical Certificate, in January 2013 Master Basil Yoxall held five Court of Protection, Medical Certificates, including Part V11 MHA 1983 Medical Certificates. However, Master Basil Yoxall also did not hold a Court of Protection authorisation. Master Basil Yoxall has never explained why he refused to forward these Court of Protection, Medical Certificates to the Family Division, Court of Protection, and the Civil Court of Appeal. It can now be evidenced that Mrs. Justice Pauffley had instructed that my files be sent to the Court of Appeal. Senior District Judge Philip Wellar, Principal Registry of the Family Division also instructed that the files be sent to the Court of Protection in the first instance and an appeal filed.  Both Mrs. Justice Pauffley and Judge Wellar held Court of Protection authorisation. Three Masters of Queen's Bench Division, including former acting Senior Master Leslie [who extended time for service], gave permission for me to serve a claim exceeding £500,000 for financial losses and failure in the duty of care, whilst I was held by solicitor Helen Mary CLIFT, office of the Official Solicitor to the Senior Courts. In August 2019, a disclosure showed that the Crown Prosecution Service having reviewed my case made a specific request to the Force Solicitor, Thames Valley Police, that police officers visit me.  Sgt Emma Storey-Barrett, Devon and Cornwall Police, falsely alleged that she attended my home and spoke to me at length. As of February 2020 Devon and Cornwall have now evidenced that Sgt Emma Storey-Barrett's assertion that she had visited me is untrue! I now have the case files that Master Basil Yoxall held in January 2013,  including the Court of Protection Certificates and the information below: Had Master Basil Yoxall forwarded my case files to the Court of Protection and Court of Appeal in 2013 how many pilots, cabin crew and passengers lives could have been saved from neurological injures and premature death around the world?

The United States Air Force (USAF)     Aviation Space Environmental Medicine 1983 Aug;54(8):738-40.    Smoke/fumes in the cockpit R B RaymanG B McNaughton    Abstract During the period 1970-80, there were reported in the USAF 89 incidents of smoke/fumes in the cockpit during flight. The origin of the fumes in most     cases was organic petroleum derivatives, which caused a multitude of symptoms including Central Nervous System dysfunction and mucous membrane     irritation". Flight surgeons should be well-read in aerospace toxicology because of the threat to flying safety posed by the many fluids and substances     necessary for the operation of today's modern aircraft. Senior Master Fontaine,  a Secretary of State for Justice referred my non-registration with the Court of Protection to Martin John [recently the Deputy Director Social Care at the Cabinet Office] Martin John advised that the Certificates had to be registered. Would you enquire why Master Basil Yoxall refused to disclose the Court of Protection, Medical Certificates to the Court of Protection, Family Division and Civil Court of Appeal in 2013? Yours respectfully, Leonard Lawrence

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