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The UK Statistics Authority - February 2022

The statistics watchdog is investigating allegations the Prime Minister and Home Secretary falsely claimed crime had fallen under their leadership. The UK Statistics Authority confirmed it has opened a case into comments made by Boris Johnson when he said in the House of Commons “we have been cutting crime by 14%” as well as a Home Office press release which said the latest data showed “crime continues to fall under this government”, quoting Priti Patel as saying it demonstrated the Government’s approach “is working”. An authority spokesman said it was looking into a complaint made by Alistair Carmichael, the Liberal Democrat home affairs spokesman and former cabinet minister, and will provide an update in due course on its findings. Despite a fall in most crimes during coronavirus lockdowns, some are now reaching or exceeding pre-pandemic levels – with rises in some offences like fraud offsetting reductions seen elsewhere, the Office for National Statistics (ONS) said last week. Police recorded 5.8 million crimes in England and Wales in the 12 months to September, a 2% increase compared with the previous year (5.7 million). Excluding fraud and computer misuse, the figure falls 1% (from 4.95 million to 4.92 million) in the same period. The figures show police recorded the highest number of rapes and sexual offences in a 12-month period while separate Home Office data detailed how the proportion of suspects being taken to court has fallen to a new record low and remains the lowest for rape cases. Meanwhile the results of the latest crime survey for England and Wales – research carried out by the ONS – estimates a 14% increase in total crime, “driven by a 47% increase in fraud and computer misuse”, for the year ending September 2021 compared with the 12 months to September 2019. Excluding fraud and computer misuse, crime decreased by 14%, “largely driven by an 18% decrease in theft”. Mr Carmichael reported Mr Johnson and Ms Patel to the authority for “falsely claiming” a reduction in crime, The Times newspaper said. He reportedly wrote to UK Statistics Authority chairman Sir David Norgrove asking him to investigate the “gross misrepresentation”, adding: “Victims of fraud have been let down and ignored for too long, and writing them out of the story only makes that worse.” The watchdog works to “promote and safeguard official statistics to serve the public good”, including “regulating the quality and publicly challenging the misuse of statistics”. It can intervene if it considers a politician or government department has misused or misrepresented figures and has not adhered to a code of practice. The Cabinet Office’s Ministerial Code of Conduct says: “It is of paramount importance that ministers give accurate and truthful information to Parliament, correcting any inadvertent error at the earliest opportunity. Ministers who knowingly mislead Parliament will be expected to offer their resignation to the Prime Minister.” It adds: “Ministers need to be mindful of the UK Statistics Authority’s Code of Practice which defines good practice in relation to official statistics, observance of which is a statutory requirement on all organisations that produce National Statistics in accordance with the provisions of the Statistics and Registration Service Act 2007.” According to The Times, the Home Office said its press release made clear that the figures excluded fraud. The release said between June 2019 and September 2021, crime fell by 17%, excluding fraud and computer misuse. (I wonder where most of the fraud is going on??) My Comments on the above! So tell me, are these the same statisticians that you have been using to perpetuate the Covid 19 “fear factor” agenda in which case that might explain the misinformation and misrepresentation of the truth?? Just a few weeks ago we heard that knife crime in Londonistan has never been so bad and yet you apparently STILL don’t identify with that “REALITY” do you?? Do the police a specific record as to what ethnic group those people being convicted of rape come from or is that YET AGAIN not going to be in the public interest to divulge under “Section section 38(1)(b) of The Freedom of Information Act 2000 which “allows” information to be exempt from disclosure if said disclosure would or likely to “harm” the safety of an individual – i.e. the convicted?? As for Patel’s “immigration policy” that is an absolute farce with even more illegal migrants entering the UK than ever before, but we are “not allowed” to debate or challenge this as that is automatically referred to as being racist!!! Your lot got elected in part on the basis of the “PROMISE” of “TRANSPARENCY” in government; unfortunately I can’t see this “TRANSPARENCY” through the smoke-screen of “smoke and mirrors” cover-up deception!! I have DELIBERATELY cited “publicly challenging the misuse of statistics” for good reason; I received a 30 day ban on Facebook for, and I quote exactly: “Remember this? Food for Thought? When we were campaigning to leave the EU Camoron called us Brexiteers “swivel eyed loonies” did he not? Because some of us dare to oppose the out of control immigration, (well, that’s EXACTLY what it is!!) we are branded right-wing “racist”!! Now us anti “Covid” vaxxers (we are NOT anti-vaxxers per say, well yet!) are referred to as conspiracy theorists for questioning the legitimacy of the “experimental Covid vaccine” that they are attempting to coerce us into acceding!! The “common denominator here is of course we do not conform to the establishment narrative! It seems that you are only allowed one opinion that of the political establishment and MSM. So free thinking and constructive debate is now outlawed is it? No society can exist without alternative perspectives, the opportunity to challenge the “status quo” rather than just blindly accept what we are fed without question? The day that we stop challenging everything and accept nothing at face value will be the end of civilization! Perhaps you can explain to me as to why "Fakebook" in it’s infinite “unbiased” opinion considers what I wrote as “offensive or inappropriate”?? I hear that in parts of America the word "lame" and is to be banned as it is considered offensive; is "white" soon to be banned as well then? The University of Washington has released a new guideline that states why the use of certain words can be considered ‘problematic.’ This list includes words such as racism, sexism, ageism, homophobia, disability and minority among others. The Department of Information Technology at the University says that word ''lame'' is “ablest”. “The word is offensive, even though it’s used in slang terms to mean uncool, because it uses disability in a negative way to imply the opposite, which wouldn’t be lame, would be superior,” the guidelines said. As per the University, ''How society labels individuals with disabilities as a group can also have an impact on how young people with disabilities view themselves. Responding to labels can test self-identity and self-value.'' ''Successful individuals who overcome adversities are often able to define themselves more around their multiple talents than around their areas of vulnerability. Being able to show their talents and have them valued by those who are important to them helps them define their identities around that which they do best.'' The guide considers “grandfather” to be a “problematic word” because the word “is used as a way of exempting some people from changing a pre-existing condition”. “Use of racist-based color-labels ‘White’ is good, ‘black’ is bad, a ‘red’ attacker, or a ‘yellow’ excluded third party – is offensive,” the guide noted. Former US President Donald Trump had argued that banning vulgar terms and sexually indecent images did not discriminate against anyone’s viewpoint, and that the government should not be forced through the trademark system to promote words and images that would be shocking or profane to the public. Do you live in some parallel mollycoddled world where everything seems to smell of “roses” oblivious of the REALITY?? SOON WE WON'TBE ABLE TO SAY ANYTHING AT ALL IN CASE SOMEONE SOMEWHERE IN THE UNIVERSE CONSIDERS IT TO BE OFFENSIVE!! SO WE WILL END UP IN A WORLD WHERE NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING AT ALL TO ANYONE EVER AGAIN!! Might as well be marooned on a Desert Island and talk to the animals??


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