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Trump: The Patriot Con (by Susan Bradford)

Donald Trump was just another Rothschild puppet, greedily and opportunistically aligning his interests with theirs, trusting that he would secure his family’s fortunes among the global elite. The Rothschilds realized that they needed a candidate who could speak the language of the people who had awakened to the fact that the ruling classes had betrayed them. Growing throngs of nationalists, patriots, and freedom lovers throughout the world were demanding accountability from their leaders. Add to this – a long paper trail of Rothschild criminality – including their centuries old collusion with the Vatican and Central Asian leaders to shore up the world’s wealth and power within their own hands through deceit, war, treachery, revolutions, murder, and outright fraud, in the process claiming billions of lives and hundreds of trillions of dollars while corrupting institutions, governments, and cultures worldwide. Enter Donald Trump. By 2016, the Rothschilds had a change of heart and wanted to return wealth and power to the people, Infowars host Alex Jones said. History is littered with the betrayal of those who have trusted the Rothschilds. They lie to buy time and gain opportunity but never concede to anything, especially defeat. Populism had been rising for years. After prematurely announcing a New World Order, President George H.W. Bush was privately sanctioned. Despite being a multi-generational Rothschild flunky, Bush lacked the charisma to sell globalism to the masses, and so the Rothschilds ran Bill Clinton, a Rothschild bloodline, as an alternative. Dogged by a bad reputations for their sleazy dealings in Arkansas, the Clintons were radioactive for the Democratic Party. Communist China, which the Wall Street and Rothschilds had created, came to the rescue by bankrolling the Clinton’s presidential campaign – support critical to helping Bill Clinton win the nomination. Helping to shore up a presidential win for Bill Clinton was Federal Reserve Chair Alan Greenspan whose policies weakened the Bush economy prior to the election – and Ross Perot, a fast-talking Texan who presented himself as a populist alternative, someone who understood the dangers globalism posed to the country. Armed with charts – a practice later adopted by Glenn Beck, Perot warned about a “giant sucking sound” of jobs from free trade agreements, reflecting concerns among American citizens that their jobs were being exported overseas so multinationals could take advantage of cheap labor. Third party candidates like Perot never had a chance to win elections in a political system controlled by the two-party duopoly, so why would a shrewd businessman even bother wasting his time? Surely he could have raised awareness of the perils of globalism through well placed ads and a well funded pubic relations campaign. The truth was, Perot served the purpose of splitting the vote to deliver the White House to Clinton. Perot went on to acquire a lucrative Medical billing contract from the Clinton Administration; his company, Perot Systems, exploited loopholes in California’s deregulated, Rothschild-controlled energy market to advise companies like Enron and Dynegy on how they could profit. It would not be long before Enron would fall to scandal, one that was largely manufactured and designed to shift focus away from Dynegy, a company in which billionaire pirate and corporate raider Carl Icahn had a significant stake, and Perot Systems, which was rigging the markets. Dynegy was in the process of acquiring Enron’s assets while Enron was exploring an oil deal with the Seminole Tribe and Hard Rock – Clinton fundraisers for which Trump had enlisted Greenberg Traurig as counsel on behalf on his casino interests. Enron was also pursuing a free energy project, using Tesla technology – an effort that would have cut into Rothschild profits by eliminating the nation’s dependency on oil. Entrapped in Rothschild debt for his failed efforts to become a casino mogul in Atlantic City, Trump segued into Vatican/Rothschild-controlled Indian Country and bankrolled the Seminole Tribe’s efforts to acquire Las Vegas-style gambling in Florida. A Trump executive headed the operations and eventually presided over the Seminole’s Hard Rock ventures. Bankrolled by Dynegy and managed by Scott Reed – a business partner of Trump lobbyist Roger Stone, the Enron scandal deflected blame away from Perot Systems and Dynegy and onto Enron once regulators looked into Perot’s manipulation of the energy markets. The scandal enabled Dynegy to acquire Enron’s assets for pennies on the dollar. Enron’s clean energy project was dead in the water. Reinforcing the smear campaign against Enron was billionaire Mark Cuban, a friend of Trump and Icahn who counted Perot Systems as his largest client. Cuban distributed the propaganda documentary against Enron and its executives through his company, Magnolia Pictures, helping to set up Enron executives for criminal prosecution through a media smear campaign and partisan Department of Justice while he and his cohorts went on to make millions. Trump and his family were familiar with political corruption as they were beneficiaries of it. For example, after the Seminole’s lobbyists and Clinton fundraisers staged a coup d’etat within the Saginaw Chippewa Indian Tribe to secure power in the Tribal Council for their allies, the incoming tribal leaders sold the Michigan tribe’s Capitol Hill chancery at the Republic of Azerbaijan under a clouded title to help an oil consortium represented by lobbyists like Paul Manafort, John Podesta, and Randy Schunemann, who has since become a lobbyist for George Soros, drill for oil in the Rothschild-controlled Caspian Sea. Ivanka Trump then attempting to establish a Trump hotel overlooking the Caspian Sea. The Seminole’s interests had also manufactured a scandal against Republican superlobbyist Jack Abramoff, setting him up for criminal prosecution after he blocked casinos represented by lobbyists affiliated with Sen. John McCain, Donald Trump and the Clintons. The beneficiaries of the Abramoff scandal, in which these lobbyists trotted out false media reports, a partisan prosecution, witnesses coached to provide false testimony before Congress, and public officials who eagerly betrayed their office to grandstand for political and financial gain, were those who led it. After removing Abramoff from Saipan, Manafort and Podesta acquired the client, and then Trump and Clinton-affiliated interests acquired a casino that catered to Chinese high rollers. Sitting on the casino’s advisory board was none other than FBI Director Louis Freeh. The D.C. Post Office Abramoff had been in the process of acquiring for his lobbying practice before the manufactured scandal downed his career – was claimed by none other than Ivanka Trump who transformed it into another Trump hotel. The Seminoles went on to dominate the Florida casino market, and casinos Abramoff had blocked proliferated. A former Abramoff client, the Saginaw Chippewa, was then looted of $1 billion through its engagement with the Seminoles. Another Abramoff client, the Louisiana Coushatta, was reportedly looted of between $30 and $50 million by Mainnet, an Israeli internet company, through a deal finessed by Clinton/Trump-affiliated lobbyists, attorneys, and associates who helped open the door for the transfer of American technology (and patents) to Israel and then to Communist China, placing the United States at a strategic disadvantage to advance a decades old Rothschild goal of reducing the United States to a bankrupt, welfare state while elevating Communist China to leader of the New World Order. A globalist flunky who has embraced woke politics, Mark Cuban was on hand to distribute a documentary against Abramoff that represented a who’s who of Clinton/Trump smear merchants after he purchased the Dallas Mavericks from Ross Perot, Jr. Another Abramoff smear film – this one starring Kevin Spacey – was funded by HSBC, a bank which reputedly launders money for drug cartels, the Clinton Foundation, and clients of convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, who procured children for the Rothschilds, the Royal family, and other self-styled elites. Spacey, Clintons, and Trump were all friend of Epstein, the Rothschilds, and the Royal family, with the Trumps featuring prominently in Epstein’s little black book. While prosecuting Abramoff, James Comey served on the Board of HSBC and the Clinton Foundation. Another Bush-appointed attorney, Alexander Acosta sought an indictment against Abramoff over fraud allegedly perpetrated against the superlobbyist by interests affiliated with the Seminoles only to turn around and give a sweetheart deal to Epstein, who was represented by famed attorney Alan Dershowitz, a friend of the Rothschilds. Acosta became Trump’s Secretary of Labor while the son of the Clinton-appointed judge who presided over the Abramoff case in Florida was tapped to negotiate a lucrative casino compact for the Seminole Tribe. The abuse of process didn’t stop with Abramoff. Richard Hatch, the first winner of the Survivor reality TV show, found himself facing criminal charges over tax evasion surrounding his $1 million prize after he threatened to go public with efforts by the producer, Mark Burnett, to rig the game. A devoted Clinton supporter, Burnett produced Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice and Cuban’s Shark Tank while Hatch fought prosecutorial misconduct and spent time in prison. Sen. Ted Stevens found himself facing a federal probe after Congress began looking into the expenditures for Alaska Native Corporations, which he helped establish for defense contractors, benefiting the Carlyle Group and Bush, Clinton, and Rothschild-affiliated interests. Once Stevens effectively fought the frivolous charges and exposed the prosecutorial misconduct against him, he died in a freak plane crash, preventing him from exposing the people who had set him up. Gov. Rod Blagojevich found himself under federal investigation after he attempted to tax casinos in Illinois. Weirder still, Hatch and Blago featured as celebrity criminals on Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice, and Abramoff entered a bitcoin deal with Jared Kushner. In hindsight, Trump was never a genuine reformer but a cynical opportunist who helped the Rothschilds buy time to keep their globalist agenda on track. Trump only cared about Trump, as his niece Mary Trump so passionately proclaimed. That he neglected to hire patriots for his Administration while reneging on his promises to the people should have been a tip off. Cynically, his team exploited populism for profit – for example, with Steve Bannon, who makes films Cuban distributes, pocketing money for a wall and Ivanka taking public fund to promote “female entrepreneurs” abroad with Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, a Rothschild protege, to help build the Trump brand. Trump’s infamous hire, Gen. Michael Flynn, was an Obama loyalist who joined the former President to exploit the 2020 election upset to line the pockets of Trump insiders and launch companies that exploited patriotism for private gain while leading patriots in circles. Lest there be any doubt about Trump’s loyalties, consider his recent praise for Barack Obama, a devoted globalist who sought to “fundamentally transform” the United States into a wasteland of Rothschild-inspired Communism. Trump’s inner circle, as it turns out, had been working with Obama all along. Trump was fully cognizant and supportive of his team’s self-serving activities and betrayal of the American people. When presented with the option of calling out his team and defending his American First agenda, Trump praised Obama, a president who had spied on his campaign, promoted the so-called Russian collusion-delusion, and tried to drag the United States into a Transpacific Partnership that would have opened the door for China to dominate global trade and secure a globalist immigration agenda which stood to undermine American citizens and their employment prospects. Trump’s recent praise for Obama was carefully timed to signal that as he was fully on board with whatever had transpired between Obama and his team, lest his public rival call out his own complicity in all of the treachery that had transpired. His own son-in-law had even partnered with former Google CEO Eric Schmidt, the Obama-directed tech advisor for Clinton’s presidential campaign who had created the Chinese credit score and exploited the opportunity of the coronavirus to impose the Rothschild’s track-and-trace technology on the American people to advance the dynasty’s decades old technocratic agenda as outlined in Silent Weapons for Quiet Wars. Trump’s legacy, for what it’s worth, was to awaken the public to the globalist treachery and illegitimacy of the Rothschild globalist system. It is up to the people now to take that information and lawfully act upon it. Full coverage on the Abramoff and Enron investigations is available in my book, Lynched. Links to my books, articles, and background can be found here: (c) 2021 Susan Bradford

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