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Tory MPs have passed an extraordinary piece of legislation which effectively hands the UK government and various state actors sweeping powers to commit serious crimes against their political opponents – including torture and even murder – without facing any legal repercussions whatsoever.

The government say that the bill is to put into formal legislation a previously secret power known as the “Third Direction” – an unofficial directive which allows covert state actors, such as MI5 operatives or undercover police officers, to break the law if they believe their actions will prevent a threat to national security or stop another serious crime from happening. However, critics of the bill – including human rights organisations, opposition MPs, and even a number of Tory MPs themselves – have claimed the legislation is “rushed“, “ill-thought through“, and effectively hands the government a “licence to kill” whoever they want for any reason they see fit.

Whilst similar laws exist in both Canada and the USA to allow state actors to commit crimes in order to maintain national security, the legislation in both of these countries explicitly excludes certain serious crimes such as murder and torture.

However, the Tories’ Covert Human Intelligence Bill makes no such stipulations – placing “no specific limitations on the type of criminal activity that may be authorised”.

So how do you feel about your government now? What sort of serious crime are we talking about here? One that charges an 18 year old boy £10000 for holding a large party perhaps?

Right onto food….and our food supply…..

A huge chicken factory in Norfolk where more than 130 workers tested positive for coronavirus has reopened with disinfectant spraying booths at its entrances.

Banham Poultry in Attleborough, which accounts for 7 per cent of UK chicken processing, closed its cutting room for two weeks from August 27 following an outbreak of the virus.

The shutdown cost the business around £2million a week, while factory owners had to cull 380,000 birds – a total stock loss of nearly £4million.

Dr Simon Clarke, a cellular microbiologist at the University of Reading, previously told MailOnline that it was notable that food factories seemed to have been the centre of outbreaks more than other factories where people might be close together.

He said: 'There are problems in this country, in Germany, in the United States. There is something common between them – it's not happening in engineering or clothing factories where you also might expect people to be in close proximity to one another.

'One assumes – but it's just an idea – that the cold environment makes people more susceptible to the virus.

'Cold weather irritates the airways and the cells become more susceptible to viral infection.'

What do you think that is going to do to our food supply? You can’t just replace 380,000 birds. Now these places are freezing cold even in the middle of summer so it’s really not unusual to get a cold or a chill and I don’t have to be a cellular microbiologist. I have actually worked in a chicken factory – one summer and after a shift on a baking hot day outside it takes ages to get warm again.

This comes on top of:

October 6: Karro Food Group pork processing plant in Scunthorpe

September 30: Pilgrim's Pride food factory in Pool, near Redruth, Cornwall

September 23: Greggs factory in Newcastle

September 11: Aunt Bessie's Yorkshire pudding factory in Hull

September 2: Millers of Speyside in Scottish Highlands

August 26: Food Standard's Authority reveal there are at least 40 active outbreaks at factories in the UK

August 22: Banham Poultry in Attleborough, Norfolk

August 21: Greencore in Northampton

August 20: Cranswick in Ballymena, Northern Ireland

August 18: Bakkavor in Newark

August 17: 2 Sisters Food Group in Coupar Angus, Tayside

August 17: Fyffes in Coventry, West Midlands

August 13: Greencore in Northampton

July 12: AS Green and Co, Herefordshire

July 3: Walkers, Leicester

June 26: Tulip, Tipton

June 24: Kepak Food Group in Merthyr Tydfil, Wales

June 23: Princes, Wisebech

June 19: Asda, Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire

June 19: Rowan Foods in Wrexham, Wales

June 17: 2 Sisters food factory in Anglesey, North Wales

May 15: Cranswick, Barnsley

May 11: Moy Park in Dungannon, Northern Ireland

This is obviously going to have an impact and what’s to say that the government isn’t specifically testing food processing outlets?

Tomorrow sees The Government will face huge opposition inside and outside Parliament to its stance on food import standards under future trade deals when the Agriculture Bill is debated in the House of Commons on Monday.

Government Ministers have made it clear they intend to reject key amendments to the Bill voted for in the House of Lords last month when it comes to a vote next week. But the Government faces mounting criticism from Opposition politicians, some Conservative MPs, a growing number of celebrities, farming, environmental, animal welfare organisations and members of the public, as reinforced by public surveys and petitions on the issue.

To be perfectly honest I’ve been reading the way that pigs are reared in US and UK and you really wouldn’t want to import their meat. In fact someone on my timeline yesterday said that the US had just passed a bill to say that cancerous meat can be eaten in US and I did indeed find a link:

*New USDA Ruling Allows for Chicken to Be Produced From Diseased Birds

Now, as a direct result, the USDA's Food Safety and Inspection Service said it will allow the sales of chicken meat made from birds that have had diseases. And yes, that's for human consumption.

Bloomberg reports that in July, the agency accepted a petition from the National Chicken Council to allow slaughterhouses to process birds infected with Avian Leukosis. The infection causes a condition akin to cancer in chickens, where malignant tumors and lesions can develop.

Not only will inspectors not be required to examine the first 300 birds of each flock for signs of the disease, but processors will also be allowed to simply cut the tumors off and process the rest of the bird.

And eating meat of sub-par quality isn't the only negative outcome. Avian Leukosis is a rare but highly contagious disease that affects birds and poultry, and while it's unlikely to be transmitted from birds to humans, it isn't entirely impossible. According to Bloomberg, the indication of cross-species transmission comes from U.K. workers who were exposed to birds infected with the disease and have developed antibodies.

Now Rewilding Britain is very happy with the Agriculture Bill because it will reward farmers for the work they do to safeguard our environment and helping meet crucial goals on climate and biodiversity. Not necessarily additional food production eh?**

Finally whilst we talk about food,

Universities are facing anger from students over conditions some have faced while self-isolating in campus accommodation.

Students have criticised the cost and quality of food provided to them by universities while in isolation.

Undergraduates say food parcels have often been filled with "junk", meaning they have had to request fresh fruit and vegetables from parents.

Institutions said they were working hard to provide students with supplies.

People told to self-isolate because of coronavirus must stay at home for at least 10 days under rules punishable by fines.

Universities UK has issued guidance on best practice for supporting students who are required to self-isolate.

'Expensive prison' First-year economics and politics student Tess Bailie, 18, began a social media campaign after hearing of especially poor conditions for those isolating on her campus.

Out-of-date food and a lack of catering for religious and dietary requirements are among the complaints at the University of Edinburgh's Pollock Halls, dubbed the "UK's most expensive prison".

"Students are saying the only thing saving them was the fact that half of them have Covid and they can't taste it anyway," Ms Bailie said, referring to a common Covid-19 symptom.

So our government was planning all of this, all the way along…...if your government has authorised the killing of its own people, why would they be bothered about whether we got oranges from the EU or nowhere?



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