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The FAKE War in Ukraine

by Miles Mathis First published February 27, 2022 You may think I am way out on a limb with that title, but I send you here to see I am not the only one saying this is a psyop. That's an anonymous author reprinted at Zerohedge, and he only gets you started, but he is absolutely right. And it isn't just the photos, film, and dialog that is being faked. It is the whole kit and kaboodle, from the top down and the bottom up. Putin is just the Hollywood bad guy and he needs to grow a mustache he can twirl while he is cackling evilly. Someone buy him a fluffy white cat and a Mini-me. Oh, wait, he is already his own Mini-me. We even have mini-me Sean Penn involved, to prove this is Hollywood. Although Penn is a cousin of Putin,* he is being photographed with Zelensky for some reason. I guess Zelensky is another Jewishactor mini-me cousin.

[Added next day: Still don't believe me? Well, did you know that before becoming President of Ukraine, Zelensky was an actor, comedian, director and producer? You really need to watch that youtube clip. He has a page at IMDB.]

I knew this was a fake even before it started. We have been predicting they would start a fake war in order to cover up the Covid and vaccine crime against humanity and the upcoming Trucker-led revolution in the US. This is a obvious wag-the-dog moment, and Robert DeNiro must be chuckling softly to his mini-me self somewhere in Malibu. Besides the two reasons I just gave, there is the usual third reason for this latest fake war: to bill the treasury for billions in deployment costs, new weapons, etc. All one more scam, since nothing is really being deployed and the weapons have been marked up by 10,000%. And remember, it comes right out of your taxes. If the Phoenicians can't soak you for deadly vaccines or stimulus packages that stimulate only the rich, they will soak you with a fake war and inflated prices across the board. Then, because the wealthy are getting wealthier, they will tell you the economy is booming. And it is: the economy of rapine by the top 1% is booming like never before.

And of course the “alternative press” like Tucker Carlson, Alex Jones, Mike Adams, and Gateway Pundit are selling the war as real. I also predicted that. They have been instructed to spin it red and anti-blue, but otherwise are letting it ride. They are also drumming on the old nuclear war fear—the same fake beat we have had playing in the background since 1945. And this time adding to it with fear porn about Chernobyl, as if that is still hot and ready to blow. So now that your Covid fears are subsiding a bit, you better start practicing your old duck-and-cover routine again. Just to be clear, there are no nukes and never have been. So stay calm and tell the Phoenicians to phoeck off.

[Added next day: and in other news, the clownworld shit-show continues to escalate, as the head of MI6 claims the war in Ukraine is about LGBT. FEMA is recommending that in case a nuclear bomb explodes near you, the first thing you should do is social distance and wear a mask. And we are supposed to believe that Putin has sent 400 top assassins to take out Zelensky, like John Wick 3 or something. Yeah, I'm sure that happened. And don't forget the GOP governors, including Greg Abbott of Texas, ordering retailers to remove all Russian products, including vodka, from the shelves. That'll show 'em! I guess they are coming for our Matryoshka dolls next. Roulette will be banned in Vegas. All people of Russian extraction, including Sean Penn and Leo Dicaprio will be deported.]

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