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The Corrupt Court System not talked about by the shills

President of the Family Division

Lord Justice McFarlane,

The bullying and false allegations continual against me by my Worshipful Brother HHJ Simon Oliver. It also extends to vulnerable mothers and children. Some of whom have been forced to leave the United Kingdom to safeguard themselves and children from my Worshipful Brother

Dr David Staples, Chief Executive of the United Grand Lodge Freemasonry could have, and should have, dealt with the Worshipful Brother Simon Oliver some considerable time ago. Still the resignations from the craft continual triggered by Dr David Staples failure to address Worshipful Brother Simon Oliver conduct.

Documents that I have sought for the past 15 years are now available to me. An admission by barrister Recorder Nicholas Allen QC 28 Bedford Row Chambers, that he cannot support his submission to the court, he simply accept all that his opponent barrister Dominic Brazil 1 Kings Bench Walk Chambers required of him without checking.

His opponent barrister Dominic Brazil has admitted to Mr Richard Anelay QC that I was subject to the Court of Protection when these costs and adverse inferences were place on me totalling Hundred of Thousands of Pounds

Yours respectfully

Leonard Lawrence

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