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The Coronavirus Story - Project Fear

Don't frighten yourself to death

In winter of 2008/9 13,000 people in the United Kingdom died of the flu virus. As I write, the figure for the corona virus of 2020 is 233. In a normal year, 600 people die from flu and flu associated conditions. Did we close pubs when this happened? Most deaths occur when older people has a pre-existing condition, particularly relating to lungs. This is where the immune system – the part of the body that protects us from viruses that are around us all the time – has been compromised. Note that corona is only one of 44 pathogens being tracked and No. 17 on the list of seriousness.

These are historical statistics. The current claims I take with a pinch of salt especially the Daily Mail estimating that there will be 50,000 deaths. Panic sells newspapers. The number of new infections in the world is now flat lining. Meanwhile, we are being bombarded by the BBC and other media on a 24 / 7 basis. If I hear the word “corona” or 'lockdown' one more time I will throw something at the TV. I decided to not listen to news or TV broadcasting and I feel much better for it. I confine myself to reading newspaper reports and certain reliable sources on the Internet.

The chances of death among the younger and fit including children are vanishingly small. A few days ago my wife went around and greeted all the people in our Close and asked them if they were all right. Many were glad for the visit because they hadn't talked to anybody for some time. Is that not risky you ask? There are 11 confirmed cases in Bath and North East Somerset out of a local population 192,106. The overall death rate country wide is 0.00035% so far. This means that the vast majority of confirmed cases will recover. You are more likely to die in a car accident (1 in 20,000).

Do you feel traumatised? Think of the people in Syria, hearing a plane go over and wondering whether bombs are going to be dropped on their house -the day after day,week after week. Think of someone who wakes up every morning needing to delete the contact details of their friends who have been killed. THAT is trauma. This corona event is an inconvenience.

My recommendation is that you stay positive, switch off the panic-inducing media, spend this time reading good books, listening to uplifting music, clearing out the house, doing some gardening, going for walks, talking with your nearest and dearest on the phone if not in person. You can make a difference to each and every person that you make contact with.

If you feel stressed, try standing bare foot in your garden for 20 minutes or so.  You will be amazed what Mother Earth can give to you.

Above all 'know that this will pass'. In six months time we will be wondering what all the fuss was about.

If you want to check the very latest figures, go to my website,

Keep well, keep happy

Brian Snellgrove

Midsomer Norton UK

Kindly reproduced courtesy of Brian.

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