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Savile - enquiries are still continuing? Or are they?

Caroline. I had a go at Jim Sav in Stoke Mandeville Hospital in 1982. He was in the que in the canteen. He was standing behind a young nurse and he kept touching her. He was getting very intimate and she walked out the que and stood at the back. Then he tried with my wife. That was it i stood up and shouted at him and made a spectacle out of him and what he was doing. It was a very large canteen and full. I walked over and stood with my wife. he never said a single word back to me. when my wife was served and walked back to our table i went and asked the nurse why she never slapped his face and complained about inappropriate sexual advances to the managers. she told me everyone who has were sacked. it had been made clear to all employees that no complaints will be heard and severe dicaplinatory action would be taken. she also said he had a penthouse built for him self out of the charity money raised by him to build the new wing on the hospital. His pent house was on the top of the new wing. i went to walk back to my ward with my wife. there he was in the corridor with yet another young nurse. so as i walked past i said to him you are a sex pest and if i see you pestering any more women you will be meeting my fist. the nurse took the opportunity to walk off fast. he gave me the creeps and i told as many as would listen that he was a sexual preditor. im proud of the time i did that. But i can say the nurses hated him to the max . Nurses covered for Jimmy Savile is not quite true they were under threat and it was different times back then

I have copied and pasted my contact's story - word for word. Caroline Stephens 21.2.22

May his victims get closure. May we turn back to Our Creator/Father/Abba.

Caroline Stephens can be found on Telegram - Seeking the Truth

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