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Rothschilds - Revolution

To place in context.... The Rothschilds were behind both the Russian and Mongolian Revolutions, with Stalin leading both. Once the Cold War ended (1989), a "Republic" sprung up in Mongolia -- but one controlled by Rothschild which helped its companies establish a monopoly on mining there -- with resources being redirected to prop up China. (If I recall correctly, Rio Tinto was involved, among others.) Denver then became a hub for Mongolian (Communist) infiltration into the U.S. Individuals connected to these mineral deals in Mongolia established Mongolian embassies (with themselves as Ambassadors) along with U.S.-Mongolian chambers of commerce. Denver universities then began receiving Mongolian students and money/business opportunities (controlled by Rothschild affiliated law firms, enterprises etc.) began influencing universities, think tanks, cultural centers....and lobbying for public funds. This network ended up establishing organizations that received public funds for art -- the contracts were then awarded to promoters of Mongolian (Rothschild) agenda -- that of genocide and destruction of the West. The murals and the devil horse were sprung from these networks. I know there was huge public reaction against the murals which may have resulted in having them removed. Not sure if they were ever replaced. Greenberg Traurig -- a law/lobbying firm closely tied to the Vatican, Rothschilds, Israel, etc. -- has a Denver office which is the correspondence address for the Council of Energy Resource Tribes -- which controls trillions of dollars of Native-American oil/natural resources in the United States. (Indian Country and its assets are controlled by Vatican/Rothschilds). There is a strong Mongolian/Rothschild connection to Denver....Not sure how often the murals get changed. The Mongolian ones may have been taken down over public outcry on grounds that they celebrated death and were Satanic. Susan
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