Psychopaths! Communism roll out!

This country is run by academic twits brainwashed by sexually perverted Communist psychopaths! For a Communist state to function it's essential for the government to brainwash the children. This can only be done if traditional parenting is looked upon as inadequate, requiring state intervention. Traditionally when a child was born, that child would stay with mother and feel safe in a family home where father was there to protect and provide for his family. Nowadays, at an early age a child is sent to a day nursery as the mother is forced to work to make ends meet! The child is then looked after by strangers that must adhere to a government doctrine. In the late 1960's there was a BBC documentary about the former communist country Czechoslovakia. Women were forced, by the state, to place their very young children into day nurseries, as the communist system dictated that everyone must work equally, male and female. People in the UK then were horrified when they saw that documentary. Questions were asked along the lines of: "What are those children going to grow up like being cared for by strangers in their formative years?" Who would have thought then that in about 50 years time the same would be happening in the UK

Eric Von Essex

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