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Prince Eddy - John Brindley

HISTORY books show a fairly smooth Royal succession aside from the abdication of Edward VIII, leading to Queen Elizabeth taking to the throne in 1952.

The truth, according to excellent research by author -------, however suggests that masonic skulduggery and murders, plus a scandalous shady deal helped reshape Royal life in Britain.

The murders I’m referring to were the infamous ritualistic slaughters carried out on young women by ‘Jack the Ripper’ that for reasons that become apparent in -------‘s story were destined never to be solved.

It’s almost common knowledge that there is a Royal link to the killing spree.

And that comes in the form of Prince Eddy, older brother of the future King George V and therefore the man who by lineage alone should have become king himself.

Yet after centuries of Royal inbreeding, Eddy was born partly deaf and with well below average intelligence and was treated with appalling disdain by the brutal family.

Eddy did manage to follow a fairly standard Royal pattern of behaviour in becoming a freemason and attending a paedophile brothel in Cleveland Street, London – nothing too different from the behaviour of Royals today.

But things got a little more sticky – according to their warped priorities – after his mother Princess Alexandra asked painter Walter Sickert to introduce him to the arty farty side of London writes ------ in ---------------------------------

Eddy became acquainted with Annie Crook, who was Catholic, a commoner and of Irish descent. Breaking the law as a paedophile and manipulating society through freemasonry is forgivable naturally but these were three big no-nos.

Crook not only became pregnant – out of wedlock, hush hush – but then actually became married to Eddy in a clandestine ceremony, effectively banning him from taking the throne.

Being as thick as pig shit they could have lived with but marriage to a Catholic, no chance!

Annie gave birth to Eddy’s daughter Alice Margaret on April 18 1885 and her new friend Mary Kelly, who worked as a prostitute by night to add to her meagre income, became the child’s nurse maid.

So how did the establishment react? Usual procedure when dealing with a scandal, operation cover up.

Annie was kidnapped from her Cleveland Street apartment and lived the rest of her days in mental institutions when her only madness was getting involved with the Royal firm. She did have some sense though as she handed the child to Sickert before the youngster became yet another unwitting victim.

Eddy meanwhile was hauled back to Buckingham Palace for safekeeping. No more bohemian living for you, young thick man.

That could well have been the end of the matter. Two or three lives ruined, pretty minor stuff for the Royals but, no, another storm lay ahead.

Kelly had boasted of the Royal connections to three fellow prostitutes and the quartet demanded money from Sickert in return for their silence.

Sickert informed Eddy who told his dad and the Prince of Wales discussed the matter with fellow freemasons at the Royal Alpha Lodge.

They formed a ‘hunting party’ to put the girls in their place. The Ripper was therefore not a single person but a small group who carried out the murder like a fox hunt, resulting in the ritualistic masonic slaughter of hapless young women.

Four were slaughtered on a coach before Kelly was killed in her own Dorset Street lodgings.

The ringleader of the murderous gang was none other than Lord Randolph Spencer Churchill, Secretary of State for India and son of future Prime Minister Winston. In addition a drawing of the man last seen with Kelly bore an uncanny resemblance. Another coincidence was that Spencer Churchill was also a freemason.

Knight obtained limited access to the Ripper files although much was missing and also had some of his research stolen before bravely publishing his book Jack the Ripper – the final solution. He then used his brush with freemasonry to produce The Brotherhood, exposing the secretive craft. Shortly afterwards he was dead, allegedly poisoned, at the age of 33. Naturally no arrests were made.

Prince Eddy, his mental health in shreds, was given into the care of the Earl of Strathmore, who owned Glamis Castle in Scotland - and here came the link with recent Monarchs.

Scandalously the firm announced Eddy’s death from flu at the age of 28 in January 1892 when in reality he lived a full 41 further years.

But the Earl demanded a price for his decades of babysitting – that one of his daughters be allowed to marry the King of England.

From further research I have done I’d suggest this was not so much a request but a demand from someone higher up the order than the Royals.

The unholy pact nearly blew up when Lady Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon, still known today as the ‘Queen Mother’ was discarded by the Duke of Windsor, who later became Edward VIII.

According to the abdicated king’s final interview with Michael Thornton author of Royal Feud: The Queen Mother and the Duchess of Windsor, she had been in love with him rather than the king she eventually married, George V.

Her jealousy was one reason why he was forced to live the rest of his days in exile with his controversial wife Wallis.

Therefore the Earl of Strathmore’s wish was fulfilled when George V took to the throne and the subsequent beneficiary of his behind the scenes skulduggery and all that went before it was the current Queen Elizabeth. John Brindley

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