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Created in the 1920's as a comic strip Popeye boosts SPINACH sales by 33% in the 1930's and hits the Silver Screen (also known as media programming) in 1933...(there's that magic number 33 beloved of the Skull and Bonesmen)

SPINACH, far from being a super food is PACKED with oxalates, so your spinach, almond milk and tumeric smoothie is loading you up with these plant toxins, which, when poorly tolerated (anyone with leaky gut) can lead to inflammatory autoimmune issues and kidney stones And who told us it was a good idea to eat spinach?

Oxalate Overload has been written of in medical literature since the 1850's and mysteriously was no longer mentioned sometime around the 1940's. Just around when they started telling us that margarine would save us from heart attacks. Around the same time that Rockerfeller Medicine started to get it's talons into all the alternative modalities of healing.

Potatos are particularly high in oxalates. What's the one thing thats immediately available at EVERY corner? Potato Chips, Crisps, Fries, Fish and Chips....(often cooked in veg oil which is also terribly toxic). These little crystals bind to minerals in your body, leaving you mineral deficient unless you eat a nutrient rich diet, that means meat, fish, eggs, dairy and all the good saturated animal fats... so for all the vegan and vegetarians out there who have heeded the mainstream narrative that 5 a day is the way, you may want to look into oxalates and what they can do to you. They're a bitch to get out once they're in there too.

Let's just break it down "Pop" as in popular, "Eye" as in 'the all seeing one'? idk, just musing, keeping an eye on the populace? keeping the population's eyes on misinformation? He's Popeye the Sailorman, working for the Admiralty then? Admiralty law is designed to "keep 'em down". I'm beginning to see through the story now, at least starting to... Lord give me discernment.

Believe me... mashed potato is my FAVOURITE food and I could eat a whole big bag of crisps all on my own EVERY night. But I don't, because I want to live.

Found on Facebook.

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