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Do you know what is hilarious 😂😂😂 60-50 yrs ago most working class people lived in 15min zones already!!!??? Mam and dad would be a few streets away! School was walking distance. Local shops all walking distance!!! Lots of men would have worked in factories etc etc close to home!!!! Doctors etc would be near by!!!!!! The elites moved society from a manufacturing culture in the Uk to a consumer culture……meaning working class people started buying homes, cars, washing machines, tvs…..they then started moving further afield for work and to live as they could drive there. This meant families were now living further apart etc….school might be a drive away….shopping malls popped up all over the place….big supermarkets with carparks took the place of small corner shops at the end of peopled roads!!!! The reset is basically a dystopian “reset” of the working class “owning stuff”! Peasants were always peasants until 70-80 years ago!!! They are just resetting what they created themselves. Putting peasants back to peasant status.

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