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ONS's recordings, mass 'roll-out' by Christmas 2020 & buy your underwear now!

In The Daily Telegraph on 8th October one of the headings was that thousands of Coronavirus deaths recorded by the Office of National Statistics is not due to Covid. The organisation publishes figures for people who died ‘due’ to virus rather than had it mentioned on their death certificate.

Now this was posted in a group chat only this morning. Someone else commented as follows:

The trouble is its the government that has instigated all this. I work in the XYZ Hospital and I said that each director should be issuing a statement about the real figures and how small they are. The staff are worried about losing their jobs. There have always been other agendas but if all the staff got together and spoke out this would have stopped long ago. I have heard that a lot of drs and nurses have been suspended. All the same i have lost alot of respect for the NHS. I think its been done to privatise the NHS.

Now overnight, the Daily Mail * reports the following:

At last! NHS workers are 'set to get a vaccine in weeks' as the Government accelerates timetable for a mass roll-out BEFORE Christmas - while ministers introduce new laws to bypass EU approval for jab

a)Email sent by an NHS Trust chief to his staff, seen by The Mail on Sunday, reveals Health Service is preparing for a national vaccination programme before Christmas

b)In memo to staff earlier this month, Glen Burley, chief executive of George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust, in Warwickshire, wrote: 'Our Trust, alongside NHS organisations nationally, has been told to be prepared to start a Covid-19 staff vaccine programme in early December'

c) It can also be disclosed that the Government has introduced new laws that would allow UK to bypass EU approval process if safe and effective jab is ready before end of post-Brexit transition period on December 31.

The move will boost optimism that a 'game-changing' vaccine will soon allow Boris Johnson to relax the social restrictions which have crippled the country since March.

In his memo to staff earlier this month, Glen Burley, chief executive of George Eliot Hospital NHS Trust in Warwickshire, wrote: 'Our Trust, alongside NHS organisations nationally, has been told to be prepared to start a Covid-19 staff vaccine programme in early December.

'The latest intelligence states a coronavirus vaccine should be available this year with NHS staff prioritised prior to Christmas.'

Despite facing continued criticism, Mr Hancock has pushed through new laws to strip the European Medicines Agency of the power to approve the vaccine if it is ready before the end of December. Instead, British watchdogs will be able to fast-track its production.

Mr Burley added that the vaccine was 'expected to be given in two doses, 28 days apart' and urged his colleagues to have had their flu shot by the end of November so they can qualify for a Covid-19 jab.

Diane Wake, chief executive of the Dudley Group NHS Trust, told a recent hospital board meeting: 'I'm hoping for a Covid-19 vaccine to be available to healthcare providers some time in December. It has not been confirmed yet but I'm hoping to be able to offer a Covid-19 vaccine to staff.'

So what if the NHS workers refuse the vaccination? Does this mean we don’t have anybody left working in hospitals? Sent this Public Health England document (20.10.20)**

Headed GP In Hours Syndromic Surveillance System:England

Ramping up fear from 27th July? Please note: on 27 July there was a change in GPIH population coverage as COVID -19 diagnosis codes became monitored across more locations. It also mentions COVID -19 - like consultations by age group etc. What is COVID – 19 like then? If someone has lost their sense of taste…..perhaps?

The document ends with

Centre level COVID-19 consultation data should be interpreted with some caution. Different GP clinical system providers have different coding for COVID-19 and therefore rates can differ between Centres depending on the relative contribution of individual GP system providers in GPIH. Centre-specific data should not be compared across Centres: trends should only be interpreted for each individual Centre.

Talking about CV, let’s take a look at CV marshals.

The UK's Chartered Trading Standards Institute (CTSI) has warned of an increasing number of scams in the country related to swindlers posing as COVID-19 marshals to gain access to people's homes.

Katherine Hart, the CTSI's lead officer for doorstep crime, said that since March, the institute has seen "so many different instances of fraudsters using the [coronavirus] pandemic as an opportunity to defraud the public".

Of course this is going to be exacerbated because the government has created Project Fear and many many people have got issues that they didn’t have before the Government messed around with its own propaganda to create the breakdown in the economy and society.

Finally today I posted an article from the Metro:

Civil servants are reportedly drawing up plans for an extra-tough fourth tier*** of Covid restrictions in England in case the current system fails to make a dent in the coming weeks.

The measures could see restaurants and non-essential retailers such as clothes shops forced to close in areas where tier 3 rules have not brought the virus under control, according to inews.

Whitehall sources told the newspaper a decision could be made by mid-November, when there is enough data to gauge the effectiveness of the three-tier system.

So my advice to you is to buy your underwear now!



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