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On The Road to Marrakesh

Seeking the Truth Telegram Group Coudenhove-Kalergi Plan. Will a Tunnel From Spain to Africa Ever Be Built – And Who Would Use It? Imagine them Paris to cross to UK and Tangiers to cross to EU.... Marrakesh Compact signed in 2017. Ha ha all in plain sight. Morocco the gateway to Europe.

High-speed rail tunnel plan to connect Europe to Africa launched by Spanish government | The Independent An undersea tunnel could one day connect Europe's high-speed rail network to north Africa under plans revived by the Spanish and Moroccan governments. Spain on Friday confirmed €‎2.3 million (£2 million) in funding for a design study on the Gibraltar strait fixed link – a planned railway tunnel linking the country with Morocco.It comes after the two governments said in April they wanted to re-launch the mothballed project, which has been on ice since 2009. The so-called "Europe-Africa Gibraltar strait fixed link" could resemble the Channel Tunnel between Dover and Calais and bridge the nine-mile continental divide.

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