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Office of Rt Hon Maria Miller MP

To: Maria Miller MP <>

Sent: Tuesday, 15 March 2022, 09:24:17 GMT

Subject: Re: Office of Rt Hon Maria Miller MP (Case Ref: MM )

So this government is offering households £350 to home a Ukrainian refugees for up to three years is it? Where exactly is this money coming from, the magic tree perhaps? No of course not, it’s coming from the ALREADY over-tax burdened mugged average wage earner on what is it, circa £29,500 struggling to pay for the non-stop ever rising food bill, the never ending rising energy/heating costs, let alone the daily (almost hourly) rising diesel or petrol just to get to work and “pay their way”, whereas in STARK CONTRAST, people like you on £82k salary can afford it!; and we are beginning to hear of some MPs allegedly putting the cost of their energy bills through as “expenses”, are you doing that?? Meanwhile, let us not forget that the UK is supposedly the fifth richest country on the planet and yet we still have ordinary people having to rely upon local food-bank handouts to get through the week! Furthermore, we are not allowed to dare complain about the never ending influx of illegal migrants crossing the English Channel being escorted to UK soil and then being housed in 5 star hotels and given a daily pocket money allowance!! And what has this government done to “supposedly” help the people struggling to cover the cost of rising energy bills? It offers them a loan which has to be repaid over four years, are you for real? I wasn’t aware that the government was now an authorised lending source!! By the way, increasing a person’s debt liability by “default” (knowing that they are already overburdened with debt) is illegal, you do realize that don’t you? If a lending body such as a bank lent money to a person already saddled with EXISTING debt that they cannot sustain repayments on that is tantamount to FRAUD! In the meantime, can you confirm that the Boeing 747 Jumbo Jets that most airlines grounded (all airlines seemed to be following a pre-drafted directive) are currently being used as cargo aircraft to transport “government preferential” goods from China to the UK to the detriment to the rest of the commercial business world?? As for your SPECIFIC response about the World Economic Forum, let me say just this: whenever a politician attempts to make an instant denial of something it merely confirms to me that there is actually substance to what they are trying to be dismissive of; indeed, may I remind you that a certain Michael Gove was back in early 2020 very quick (too quick) to spontaneously deny that there was any substance to the adverse as yet indeterminate effects of 5G upon the public! There is an apt expression: “engage brain before opening mouth and putting one’s size 8 foot in it”!! He appears to have gone very silent on that matter mistakenly thinking that the public believe every word uttered from a politicians mouth. I’ve got news for you, we ain’t that dumb! By the way, how many refugees are you and Gove intending to home and will you be exercising your right to claim the £350.00 per month too? Finally, so where is all this “paper” non-existent monopoly money coming from, is it yet another case of disastrous ”quantitative easing” heading our way which results in massive inflation and catastrophic devaluation of assets, exactly what happened after the DELIBERATELY engineered financial crash of 2008 in which corrupt bankers got away with BANK ROBBERY!! This all sounds to me like the World Economic Forum “The Great Reset” – financial realignment in disguise!!??

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