Northern Ireland Abortion Bill


I am deeply disturbed by the abortion laws introduced into this country in 1967, since when it is estimated that 9 Million babies have been killed. Now we are compounding this national disgrace by introducing the same laws into Northern Ireland, under the Bill currently passing through the House of Lords.

I trust that the pro-life campaign group Right to Life, have already alerted both you and other MPs to the brutality of the new abortion regime, which could turn Northern Ireland into the late-term abortion capital of Europe.

Under the abortion regime, babies born alive after abortion will be legally left to die.

Under the new laws, abortions can be performed almost anywhere including schools and mobile clinics; sex-selective abortion will be legal; young girls will be not require parental consent, and a doctor’s involvement will not be necessary. There is nothing morally nor medically acceptable in this process, where living babies are torn limb from limb out of the mother's womb. It is such an dreadful outrage and such an horrific sight, that the NHS videos shown to school pupils, do not include this part of the procedure, simply showing the mother being prepared and then distracting attention to her having a cup of tea in the recovery room

This bill will also permit disability-selective abortion for babies with Down’s syndrome, cleft lip and clubfoot and babies born alive after abortion will be legally left to die.

The bill will also fast-track abortions to do away with a “consideration period” for the mother.

In the case of twins, it will also be legal to select one to live and one to die and there and will be no pain relief for babies during abortions.

The State will also have the authority to force women to have abortions and will not permit pro-life doctors to conscientiously object.

IN MY NAME, Please do not support this Bill when it returns to the Commons, and do everything possible to secure support against this Bill from your colleagues in Parliament.

Perhaps you would be kind enough to explain, should there be a reason why you may find such opposition impossible to undertake.

Incidentally, there are a number of States in the USA which have now ruled against abortion in their areas, and the Vice President has recently given both this, and the President's support, to any other State which chooses to ban the practice, also.

Best regards

Chris Watkin


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