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Len's case

have no objection to this email and the attachment being shared as necessary or placed on all aviation [or other] websites.

The attachment has recently come into my possession, it may be of assistance to some of you. For 18 months I was held by a solicitor

within Government Legal Services, Holborn, London, U.K. and not allowed access to the Court of Protection whilst I was incapable of

legal discussion and understanding with an acquired brain injury from exposure to organophosphates. The Circuit Judge HHJ Simon Oliver

wrote in a judgement dated the 30 August 2013 that he was entirely satisfied what had occurred to me. Thereafter the bullying resumed,

but now Simon we know why!  His Honour Judge Simon Oliver has a website dedicated to him HHJ Simon Oliver, Judges Behaving Badly.

The website HHJ Simon Oliver, Judges Behaving Badly has been copied [I understand] multiple times by persons unknown. Why? To assist

the judiciary in exposing dishonesty within the justice system. HHJ Simon Oliver has never explained why I was told to pay £10,000 by

Paul Hicks, Simpson Millar LLP Solicitors. I never had £10,000 and HHJ Simon Oliver has not made the re-transferring order to the Court

of Appeal.  HHJ Simon Oliver has also never explained why he was conducting Court of Protection hearings when he was not authorised

to do so. 

Mr. Justice Nicklin, Media and Communications List, Royal Courts of Justice, London:

I understand that you have authorised that my name be published on the BAILII database. Mr. Justice Nicklin are you aware that the

Court of Protection, Medical Certificates, in my case are still live? Also, that the disclosure of my details is prohibited?

Leonard Lawrence.

Coroner warns toxic fumes (organophosphates) in aircraft are 'health risk

to aircrew and frequent flyers' after death of British Airways pilot

2 months after the attached letter [dated 17 March 2009] was written the following occurred: My home was burnt to the ground. Not a chimney fire!  The source of the fire was in the roof space directly above my bed. I was saved by my two German Sheppard Dogs. Not one firefighter directed a water hose onto the fire. The house was allowed to burn to the ground. Blaze guts thatched cottages Friday, 8 May 2009 UP to 70 firefighters fought a blaze which devastated two semidetached thatched cottages in North Bovey on Monday night.Fourteen crews spent ten hours tackling the fire which completely destroyed Clifton Cottage Never did see the psychiatrist I was placed under the care of a specialist brain injury organisation for organophosphate poisoning (10 years). As were other pilots. Dallas, why have British Airways and other airline cabin crew not received this assistance?  Please post this email on the British Airways crew website. I later became subject to intense bullying The source of the bullying was members of Government Legal Service, two of whom were located in Holborn, London, United Kingdom. For about six months I was left to live below the minimum income standard for the United Kingdom, and with insufficient money to buy food and pay for heating. I was also subjected to a Revenue and Customs investigation and police investigation. The bullying stopped suddenly when Masonic Metropolitan Police detectives from London, U.K. gave me the name of the Government Lawyer responsible. Derogatory commentsPolice files show that following a visit to my home by Neil Blackhurst, Serious and Organised Crime Unit, later Fraud Manager Devon and Cornwall Police, [who viewed five Court of Protection, Medical Certificates, following my exposure to Toxic Cabin Air] derogatory comments were then recorded about me by Devon and Cornwall Police. I now have this file. I also have the identities of all those responsible for the derogatory comments and their addresses. Crown Prosecution Services The Crown Prosecution Services, Reading, UK had also made a specific request that I was visited. Devon and Cornwall Police alleged that they attended my home and spoke to me at length and then sent an email to Thames Valley Police.  Devon and Cornwall Police now admit that they never attended. The entry on the police log is false.  At that time I was under protection, not by the police but operatives from another service.


Within the last week, I have completed over 760 psychological test questions with a leading international psychologist [free of charge].

Wing Commander Professor Gordon Turnbull FRCP FRCPsych RAF

Professor Gordon Turnbull addressed the issue of Toxic Cabin Air by stopping all psychiatric drugs that had been inflicted upon me and then referring

me to neurologists.  Professor Gordon Turnbull spent a considerable amount of time, with other healthcare professionals, addressing the psychological

trauma that I had been subjected to whilst unlawfully held by the office of the Official Solicitor of the Senior Courts, London, United Kingdom   

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) On the 8 February 2006 Consultant Psychiatrist Wing Commander Professor Gordon Turnbull FRCP FRCPsych RAF Rtd wrote a medical report about me to the Royal Courts of Justice London. The report cannot be disclosed and was destroyed by the Ministry of Justice around 2013. I now have a copy of this report, however, the report is marked as follows: LEONARD MICHAEL LAWRENCE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THIS FORM IS CONFIDENTIAL AND MUST NOT BE DISCLOSED TO ANY OTHER PARTY UNLESS THE COURT SO DIRECTS. The report by Professor Gordon Turnbull identifies the retriggering of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) arising out of events some 20 years earlier in 1984. Professor Gordon Turnbull writes within his 2006 medical report that he has known me since 1997, prior to this date Air Vice-Marshal Patrick O’Connor FRCPsych dealt with other incidents including one in 1991 and the re-triggering of PTSD. In March 2013 an incident occurred (that in 2020 is still unfolding) this time a PTSD specialist whose background, like myself, is Royal Navy intervened. He is one of the very few officers that one is allowed to speak freely with, without fear of prosecution under the Official Secrets Act 1911-1989.  My primary PTSD trigger is now believed to have occurred in 1975 whilst I was in the Royal Navy. Every few weeks I am visited by a PTSD specialist whose identity cannot be disclosed. He and one other drove me to the appointment with the Rt Hon Geoffrey Cox Q.C. Mr. Justice Nicklin Tens of thousands of former servicemen and women find themselves homeless, many like me with injuries and PTSD from safeguarding people like you. Other servicemen and women, like Corporal Jimmy Johnson, a veterans' PTSD advocate has spent over 40 years in prison. There are many others like Gus Hales Ex 9 Para Sqdn.  A number of HHJ Simon Oliver's victims, both male and female also have an association with HM Forces and HHJ Simon Oliver is entirely satisfied that we have lost our homes.  Indeed, I am about to become a homeless serviceman again for the fifth time, so I have very little to lose.     There is going to be an increasing number of our emergency service workers, including police, developing PTSD I hope that they do not lose their homes. It is unhelpful Mr. Justice Nicklin the threat of jail hangs over Mr. Javed Shaikh because of Worshipful Brother HHJ Simon Oliver. Abuse victim raped by hundreds of men from the age of 12 sues authorities that failed her. This comes five years after a Serious Case Review found a string of failuresand a potential number of 373 victims. These rapes occurred in the Thames Valley Area.  Mr. Justice Nicklin, are you aware that a judge, senior to yourself, who has also been involved with the Worshipful Brother HHJ Simon Oliver -v- Mr. Javed Shaikh case, ruled that children in the Rochdale Child Abuse Scandal cannot claim compensation, even if those charged with their safeguarding knew of their abuse!!! The website HHJ Simon Oliver, Judges Behaving Badly has achieved more to safeguard those like myself than the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Agencies. For this reason, I ask that the site is again copied. Leonard Lawrence Ex-Royal Navy Former Pilot BAe146 and Boeing 757/767

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