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It's in the air - letter issued to the relevant depts.

Please investigate why there have been so many recent high altitude flights over this area, neither from the direction of, or in the direction of, the local airport. The air is full of pollution, almost as though a poisonous gas has been released leaving a crisscrossing blanket effect in the sky. It's been so bad this afternoon practically blocking out the sun totally; this must be so damaging to the health of all those under the flight paths. In the time it's taken to write this email another has passed overhead making 6 in just over an hour. This dangerously unhealthy air quality could surely have been prevented as it has a real potential to cause difficulty in breathing and other conditions detrimental to health. At this particular time the “China like smog” could put hundreds more people in hospital with similar symptoms to CoVID19. This could introduce delays in treatment and could surely interfere with the processes health workers carry out in their role to properly detect and identify the root cause of the symptoms their patients present, leading to misdiagnosis. The triage policy must surely be for them to administer the appropriate responses and treatment as soon as possible without confusion when they may be faced with identification of conflicting causes of illness which present similar symptoms.

When resources as so stretched, the public should have been told to stay indoors with windows shut to prevent toxication and layering, one upon another, of any number of airborne agents harmful to health. Anecdotedly, this seems to be a sporadic but regular national problem that’s caused by high altitude flights, and is particularly prevalent in urban areas.

Were there and are there any plans to warn the public of the additional dangers of poor air quality and if not, why not?

Is there detailed analysis of the exhaust fumes from these planes as these fumes do not evaporate as would be expected with condensation or water vapour; they hang over the air like a thick blanket that sometimes reflects strange colours when the sun is starting to set. If not, have samples been sought and is analysis still underway; if not then why has nothing been put in pace to prevent or eliminate additional health risks from these sources?

What plans and steps are in place to track down those responsible for these toxic omissions, who will investigate the manufacturer of these toxic material, who will investigate and identify those who ordered, delivered, installed and sanctioned the use of hazardous pollutants on these aircraft, who will bring those responsible for causing harm, alarm or serious health consequences as a result of these polluting airborne exhausts to account?

Other toxic agents, which induce the same or similar health consequences, in the air at the same time as CoVID19 is present, have the potential to interfere with CoVID19 statistics.

There may be a rush by government to provide, and the public to clamour for, a CoVID19 vaccine that is never going to be suitable or provide immunity to the correct risk. A good proportion of those self-isolating, suffering at home or in hospital could actually be a victim of airborne pathogens from aircraft and not CoVID19, although these two are around and attacking us simultaneously. Any lack of diligence in correctly identifying specific toxic agents, and a fully tested and appropriate medical response, could lead to the wasteful and unnecessary expense of an inappropriate vaccination programme which could, in itself, cause more harm than good.   

The general public could then be falsely blamed for spreading serious illness when in fact the government should have taken much more pro-active measures to prevent and curb the emission of toxic fumes from high altitude aircraft whether these be civilian, commercial or military planes. This could lead to miscarriages of justice etc. when there are proposals in government to change the legislation to give public bodies more tools and powers and relax or remove some existing legal requirements e.g.  1) enable electronic transmission of documents that currently have to be physically signed in wet ink and presented in order to certify the registration of a death 2) remove the need for a second confirmatory medical certificate in order for a cremation to take place which removes critical observation or examination and may give rise to misuse or suspicion of misconduct.

Which government department is responsible for monitoring air quality, putting public safeguarding measures swiftly in place and publicising the danger to health?

Should anyone in particular have taken preventative and remedial action to deal with this problem as it happens on a regular basis?

If no decisive action has been taken to prevent the spread of dangerous pathogens other than CoVID19, whatever or wherever their source, into the public sphere, then ministers and public officials face potential charges of misconduct in public office (carries a maximum sentence of life imprisonment. It is an offence confined to those who are public office holders and is committed when the office holder acts (or fails to act) in a way that constitutes a breach of the duties of that office). If the public is put at additional risk and the NHS is unnecessarily overloaded and some of this is due to inaction or passivity regarding preceding and simultaneously occurring airborne toxins and pathogens, then charges of wilful negligence and avoidable dereliction of duty could also be brought against public officials.    

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