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Is social media on its way out?

My YouTube channel was removed on 20th August. Thankfully God is in charge and a guy who has recently devised his own platform as an alternative to YouTube downloaded my entire library so do please browse.  I've covered Coudenhove Kalergi plan,  Marrakesh Declaration,  our links to China and many others including 'the mask'. The link to this new library is here. Only today this video was uploaded

I see that the government's almost insistence of employees to the office environment and children 'must' return to school as very sinister. Door to door testing has already started in Burton upon Trent. A video of an Italian doctor is currently doing the rounds on social media in which he speaks candidly about testing and vaccinations with people 'dropping out of society' if they should have the audacity to refuse. It gives much food for thought.  Remember the website states that UK will have a population of 15m by 2025 and there is undoubtedly civil war now across the Pond gives me a sense of foreboding about the event taking place tomorrow simultaneously with BLM. There is obviously an overarching agenda to depopulate as previously covered in a variety of interviews (on the channel above). 

There is a real prospect of a no deal Brexit as highlighted in a 'leaked' report which does nothing to instil confidence likely to  result in an increase in food prices,  together with difficulties in obtaining medicines & chemicals to clean drinking water. On top of all of this we have tenants now facing eviction and people in flats covered in cladding that they can't sell. Mental health is at all all time high and the hidden NHS waiting list is rising....

By the way I recall hearing that before the roll out of vaccinations,  Facebook and YouTube will be taken down so at least this platform videobanned will continue....we need to keep waking people before it's too late. Benefits/tests and vaccinations however seem to go hand in hand.

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