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I saw you post on FB via my husband’s account regarding Iodine and Sodium Bicarbonate.

About a year ago I bought a book about Iodine and one on Sodium Bicarbonate both by American MD’s.

I had been on Thyroxine for underactive Thyroid for 20 years but always still had symptoms. The NHS advises against taking any iodine supplement if you are taking Thyroxine. I took a leap of faith and started taking nascent Iodine, plus other supplements advised in the book and I now have no symptoms and have stopped taking the Thyroxine.

We also now take Sodium Bicarbonate every day.

So much knowledge on inexpensive natural cures has been lost. Our NHS system is a disgrace and the doctors training seems to consist of what drugs to prescribe, no other options considered.

The book I used was called The Iodine Crisis by Lynne Farrow.

Also, Sodium Bicarbonate natures Unique First Aid Remedy by Dr Mark Sircus.

David Brownstein M.D. has also written about Why You Need Iodine and other similar subjects.

I already had an interest in alternative remedies and nutrition before the current situation but now the NHS has disappeared and treatment for ailments has largely become do-it-yourself my interest has increased.

I have purchase a few books, mostly old used ones, on herbal remedies and non-pharmaceutical treatments as I feel knowledge is power. Having done this it really highlights the lack of training for our doctors and nurses in anything but dispensing drugs and dismissing everything else as quackery

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