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I wouldn't pay them in washers!!

There is nothing certain in life apart from death and taxes so the saying goes and with that in mind…

I’m starting with the Guardian* of 1st August where according to the 2 authors of this particular article wrote:

A week is a long time in a coronavirus pandemic – a fact the government has learned all too painfully. Avoiding a one-week delay to lockdown in March would potentially have halved the death toll, it has previously emerged.

Which goes some way to explain why there have been not one but two screeching U-turns this past week – firstly the one on UK travellers to Spain (Britain’s favourite summer holiday destination, to which 1.8 million people planned to fly to in August) and secondly, on lockdown measures for 4.6 million people in northern England – both announced late into the evening and imposed within hours. So potentially that’s 6.5m people in total being impacted - almost 10% of the population….of course there will be potentially double counting here with some northern town people heading for Spain….double counting though is something that the government appears to expert on!

The ensuing chaos and anger have been palpable, and it all points to one thing: that the government is very, very worried about a resurgence of the virus on UK soil according to The Guardian.

There is also mention of Grant Shapps:

The drawbridge to Spain was pulled up, with the change announced at 7.30pm, hours before it took effect. Grant Shapps, the transport secretary, had enough insider knowledge not to have started his planned holiday to the country – but he feared a backlash if he avoided the pain experienced by other UK tourists, so he flew out to Spain only to return, purple suitcase in hand, a couple of days later.You see they’re all actors and that why they pass Acts of Parliament.

Further into the article they write:

Evidence from Public Health England and the Joint Biosecurity Centre showed a worrying rise in infections in north-west England. This time, locally imposed guidance would not be enough – the force of the law was needed.

Ok – let’s reread what Denis and Kate have written. We the people know that we are living through a plandemic. The evidence of the plan includes the Rockerfeller Report, vested interests in Big Pharma by MPs, laboratory funding/release, planning of temporary mortuaries up and down the country together with Event 201 – in fact too many events to mention here. The authors state that a week’s delay to the lockdown doubled the death toll. There is absolutely no way that this can be proved one way or the other and these journos are simply ‘spicing’ up the rhetoric. They also say that the government is very, very worried about a resurgence of a virus on UK soil. How do they know that? Yet another sweeping statement! Suffice to remind people that the doctor attending Boris was quoted as saying if Boris had CV19 then he wasn’t a doctor. If the government were truly worried they wouldn’t have been breaking lockdown rules which they established and they would all be wearing masks. As I’ve said before, we don’t actually know who or what is running Public Health England – I’ve got my money on the office cleaner?

The article does end by saying:

Johnson had sought to give the impression of a government taking decisive action after carefully weighing up new evidence. But soon after his press conference ended, another official, reflecting on events of the week, said simply: “It’s a shitshow.” Ha ha!! Never a truer word spoken….How come people can’t see through?!

So we’re moving ever so slowly towards a tipping point. Already we have possibly up to 10% of the population being adversely affected by this week’s decisions alone not to mention people’s jobs in the travel industry… by a government gone rogue so where does all of this appear to be going:

So let’s talk about benefits and taxes

1. THE UK state pension according to the Express today** is now on its next trajectory to rise to 66 after finally equalising between men and women in 2019. The state pension age will keep rising. The age equalised, reaching 65 for men and women around November last year. We’ll expect to see the state pension age increase again in 2027 and then it's projected to increase once again towards the end of the 2030s. The government has failed over the years to plan when they invited people from all over the world to live here. You see, I shared a platform alongside actuaries in 2012/2013 speaking in The City and at Staple Inn. I discussed pension funding with government actuaries. They told me in confidence that thy had basically been told to 'zip it'.

We have been betrayed.

2. On 9th March Express*** stated:

Over-40s may pay extra tax to fund their care in old age

MIDDLE-aged workers could be forced to pay a social care tax to cover illness in old age. Under plans being looked at by the Prime Minister, all employees aged 40 and over would pay a fixed levy of around 2.5 percent of their wages. The reform of the social care system – which currently sees pensioners forced to sell their homes to pay bills of around £750 a week – would be based on the German system. Health Secretary Matt Hancock said: “We need action now, finally, to seek a solution that can support future generations.” This would involve the over-40s paying into a pot, which would be handed out in cash payments to the elderly and disabled receiving care.

3. According to the Express**** 21st Feb, 2020 council tax to rise by £70 in nearly ALL areas to fund social care crisis

MILLIONS of families are about to see their council tax bills rise by double the rate of inflation with 90 percent of local authorities who provide social care pushing for the highest possible increases. 16 out of the 133 English councils that provide social care are raising the charge by maximum 3.99 percent which will leave the average county council resident paying an extra £69-a-year while those in London fork out £45-a-year more.

Now I haven’t even begun to mention the other taxations which are in the pipeline. Suffice to say that the Sun*****newspaper on 8th June stated that DENTISTS up and down the country are set to reopen today for the first time since the coronavirus pandemic closed surgeries with only a third seeing patients face to face. Presumably this means that 2 in 3 like are seen to on an emergency basis only. So we no longer have an NHS dental industry? Whilst reading the article I watched a video on a man removing his wife’s tooth using pliers. As I’ve mentioned before, our government is taking us into third world territory.

Finally if you think that things can’t get any worse….

According to 7th February 2020 in The Express******:

UK CARE SHAME: Thousands of pleas from pensioners ignored EVERY day some 2,000 pleas for care from desperate pensioners are rejected every day, an "alarming" report has revealed. This means more than half of all requests are turned down by local councils. Around 700,000 requests for formal care and support made by older people in the past 12 months were not dealt with, according to analysis in the Age UK report.

So there we have it. Our government is your friend. Legal challenges are a waste of time and money. The government and the Crown Corporation run the court system.




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****** O M G ******

Government plans for second wave include:

All over 50s to be in total lockdown!!!

**** QUESTIONS ****

Who will pay people over 50 who are not allowed to work?

Will over 50s jobs be protected?

Will people forced into quarantine after going on holiday to Spain (& potentially other countries in future) be entitled to pay from their employer,?

Will their job be safe during quarantine?

Who pays for the losses due to the seesaw policies of this government?

What do parents do if school are closed down and they can’t work?

Will they be entitled to pay from their employer,?

Will their job be safe during government mandated school closure?

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