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How the freemasons play with you

Andrew Bridgen red flags:

> In Apr 2021, tweeted he received AstraZeneca vaccine at "Masons Pharmacy", Coalville. ( Interesting he mentioned that pharmacy given MPs have a reputation for being masons. Establishment people are known for "hiding in plain sight" and dropping hints.

> Most semi-awake people twigged and avoided the vaccines. Why was he behind the curve?

> He compared the vaccine programme to the Holocaust. Anyone trying to help the truth movement would know that's not the way to reach people who aren't aware of the issues. It's guaranteed to cause normies to switch off and reject anything he has to say. That's a typical strategy used by controlled opposition to damage the truth movement by deliberately reducing credibility. This will cause normies to label people speaking against vaccines as irrational. If he wanted to help, he would calmly present data that can be verified by others, and avoid such statements.

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