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Hello again dear friend

Well since you wrote on 13th June, much seems to be happening in the political world. Anybody who understands the way our planet is run however will see that the players/ actors / politicians (or whatever you wish to call them) have always been around to tax and distract people from the truth. The current shenanigans though as I type this letter follow the usual problem, reaction, solution’ format and the problems we now face, it is fair to say, are totally unprecedented. The ‘truth’ movement promoted the advent of the ‘quiet weapons for silent wars’ scenario (effectively World War 3 using social media under the premise that no bombs artillery could ever be used again). Strangely, they failed to make mention in there being real life weapons viewed on TV re. Russia and Ukraine.

Anyway enough of such war - talk.....there are multiple agenda at work.

2 hours ago The Guardian produced an article headed ‘I don’t want to live in a society where people are kidnapped from their homes’: the neighbours fighting immigration raids.

Until I read the last two words, I had visions of the establishment plans for those who remain unvaccinated. The last two words could easily have been replaced by ‘vax raids’. I have unvaccinated friends currently in hospital ‘residing’ in a covid ward yet they hadn’t been tested for covid at the time of their internment with a negative test thereafter. I recall that when the PCR test were initially covered in, if I remember rightly the Guardian newspaper, the writer had ‘put it’ to Matthew Hancock that different strains (flu etc) could not be identified/isolated. Matthew, not surprisingly, seemed unfazed by this, happy to be overseeing a ‘catch all’ scenario. Now can I find that article from September/October 2020? Not a chance!

Earlier this week, I met a recently retired registrar at a funeral of all places. She admitted that all the deaths she had had to register in 2020 at least had been documented as ‘covid’ deaths yet she was well aware of those dearly departed men and women not having been tested let alone receiving a positive result. If they had proved positive, their real cause of death was something quite different. Falsification of cause of death makes the Office of National Statistics be superfluous to requirements!! None of this came as a surprise to me since I had met a registrar from a different part of the country in a café last summer and he provided me with an identical account. This is how the government managed to hoodwink the UK population. In fact I was shocked to learn that the registrar herself had been vaccinated possibly because she wanted to travel abroad. Likewise the registrar from the café was also vaccinated. His reason? He was looking after an elderly relative and believed at the time that it was the ‘right thing to do’. You might have heard newsreaders state that a patient would have been ‘more unwell’ had they not had the jab. Total bunkum surely?!! The retired registrar and I both agreed that it was impossible to verify such a statement yet how many intelligent people repeat the government ‘strapline’!! If you tell a lie often enough people stop questioning.....

Anyway, onto other ‘news’!! I hadn’t been made aware of a Red Sea oil tanker that is rotting leaving potentially 8m people without water. FSO Safer has been abandoned since 2017 and loss of its 1.1m barrels would destroy Yemen’s fishing. The UN has launched a crowdfunding drive to raise $5m (£4.1m) in two weeks for an operation to remove a million barrels of crude oil from a decaying supertanker off Yemen's Red Sea coast.

The FSO Safer has had virtually no maintenance since the start of Yemen's devastating civil war seven years ago. The UN has warned that the vessel will soon break apart or explode, causing an environmental catastrophe but work to prevent such a disaster has been delayed due to a funding shortage. To put the number of barrels into perspective, it is estimated that on March 24th, 1989, shortly after midnight, the oil tanker Exxon Valdez struck Bligh Reef in Prince William Sound Alaska spilling more than 11 million gallons of crude oil. This was the worst oil spill in US waters until the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in 2010. Within days, oil from the Exxon Valdez spread some 1,300 miles along the coast of what was pristine wilderness. In the first days of the spill there was no oil recovery or clean-up equipment in the water. Eventually massive clean up efforts involving thousands of people were undertaken. The final death toll included 250k seabirds almost 3k sea otters, 300 harbour seals, 250 bald eagles, 22 killer whales and billions of salmon eggs. Populations of pacific herring, a cornerstone of the local fishing industry collapsed. Fishermen went bankrupt.

Anyway back to the UK. At present, there are various organisations on social media who have been sharing ‘warrants’ for MPs arrests but these ‘warrants’ are not signed by anyone so they are not worth the paper they are written on. If men and women have evidence of wrong-doing they don’t actually need a ‘warrant’ in any event but it’s very difficult to explain to people how and why they are being hoodwinked at every opportunity. Occasionally, someone will ask the question – why isn’t there any justice? You and I know that so many folks are being led by those folks who we cannot criticise!!

My dear friend I must go now. Please do write again soon.

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11 million barrels spily 24th march 1989. book halifax explosion had more than an explosion they had 6million tonnes of oil and picrick acid which exploded on a ship in canada in 1917 AND AMERICANS SAID NEXT EXPLOSION IF FROM GERMANS OR UK

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