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Hancock - lies and damned lies and then there's statistics!

In my video before last, I asked the question ‘was the person who leads Public Health England, a quango incidentally, the cleaner’? Now I asked that question because at the time of doing these videos, seemed reluctant to reveal who Alex their chiefie is and certainly didn’t provide any details about their past. Most unlike corporations….don’t you think? After all, most corporate people like to get puffed up (we’ve all been there let’s be honest!) and tell everyone chapter and verse what they’ve done in a previous life! So what are they hiding?

Well, The Telegraph reported on 17th July 2020 that Public Health England's exaggerated death statistics are a scandal that has fed fear. Well I guess if the quango is run by the cleaner then this is entirely possible don’t you think? LOL

The article goes on to say that woefully misleading figures have only made it harder to tackle the pandemic and to get the country moving again.

So Matthew from The Telegraph* asked the question -

Has Public Health England been exaggerating the Covid-19 daily death statistics? It appears that PHE compiles “out of hospital” deaths by searching the NHS database for whether that person ever tested positive. It then apparently fails to consider how long ago that person tested positive or their actual cause of death. “By this PHE definition, no-one with Covid in England is allowed to ever recover from their illness”.

It is astonishing: under these terms, a person who tested positive a few months ago but then gets hit by a bus this week would be recorded as a Covid death. In fact, if left unchanged, every single one of the 292,500 people who have tested positive will some day be a Covid-19 death statistic – even if they live for decades and die of completely unrelated causes. Health Secretary Matt Hancock has ordered an urgent review. Really? Has he been on the run for so long and his past has now caught up with him? Remember this was on 17th July some 2 weeks ago and since then people have been mandated to wearing a face covering (all apart from the MPs it would appear!!). Why does no one question this observation in shops is beyond my comprehension?!!

Of course, this scandal has consequences for real men and women seemingly not the politicians in and outside of Parliament. It gives the impression that England is still experiencing over 100 deaths some days, while Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland have near zero. No wonder the people of those 3 countries don’t want to come out and play with us or invite us back to their place!! It has played havoc with analysis about who is most at risk from the virus, be it by age or pre-existing condition. It also undermines our understanding of the extent of spread, hotspots and the steps required to combat the virus. Indeed it undermines our standing with the rest of the world at the very time when the EU plan to starve us because people want us to have a NO DEAL – no fruit and veg (77%) for us then!

The PHE death figures have been reported every day in news bulletins and on newspaper front pages. They have fed into existing public anxieties that are holding people back from shopping, dining and drinking. They have also dissuaded people from returning to work in fact they’ve affected the most vulnerable in society the most.

Covid-19 is a serious threat and Britain has among the highest death tolls in Europe, as measured most accurately in death certificates and excess mortality. But we need to be clear-eyed about the current risk. Well Matthew this is where you are wrong, I’m afraid. The death certificates are not accurate at all so I think that you now need to return to truth school but perhaps that’s not so easy working for one of the 6 organisations that run 96% of the media.

Matthew does move on to say that the latest Office for National Statistics data shows that deaths in England and Wales are now slightly below the five-year average. There are fewer than a few thousand people in hospital with the virus and about 150 on ventilators. In London, there are fewer than 50 new cases most days, in Manchester it is less than a dozen and the entire South West’s case numbers have been in the single digits for the last week.

But this revelation hasn’t stopped the government until now when the daily figures have been halted. According to the Mirror in April **, Matt Hancock shamelessly fiddled figures to reach coronavirus tests target. The Health Secretary brazenly added 40,000 tests “in the post” to 80,000 really taking place at which point an inquiry was called for into the Government's handling of the crisis. Have we already forgotten this false accounting? Matt must have attended the same maths lessons as Diane Abbott. One ex-colleague of the Health Secretary told us: “It’s classic Matt. He’s as slippery as a bar of soap.”

In times of war many people are misled by a few and this is not exception!

Well It has taken another 13 days from the Telegraph semi revelations for the government to admit a temporary amnesty. Up until now, EVERY afternoon, Brits await to find out the daily death toll for the coronavirus, hoping for the day that the number is zero.

However, the Government has today announced***it won't be releasing the daily coronavirus death toll for the UK after an urgent review was launched.

Until they regroup for the next battle which will be coming down the track very, very soon.


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