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France July 2023 will UK be next?

REINFORCED SECURITY FOLLOWING THE RIOTS New measures in force to prevent disturbances to public order Paris, 02/07/2023 The Ministry of the Interior would like to inform the population of the exceptional measures put in place to ensure public safety and tranquility in the context of the recent riots. As part of our commitment to maintain order and stability in the affected areas, additional measures have been decided to prevent any form of violence and disturbance. From July 3 and for a fixed period, temporary restrictions will be applied to Internet access in certain specific neighborhoods during night hours. These restrictions aim to prevent the misuse of social media and online platforms to coordinate illegal actions and incite violence. It is important to note that these restrictions are not put in place to restrict citizens' fundamental freedoms, but rather with the aim of preserving their security as well as than that of their property. In addition, the measures will not affect essential services, such as as hospitals, emergency services and critical infrastructure. In addition, we would like to reassure the population that the telephone services, which make it possible to reach loved ones or contact medical teams if necessary, will operate normally. Mobile and landline operators will continue to provide their services without interruption, to ensure the availability of essential communications at all times.

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