Food, food, glorious food

Food delivery to those under enforced confinement or house arrest.

Will the deliveries of food be clearly labelled as being suitable for vegetarians, pescatarians, vegans, keto, paleo, gluten free for coeliacs, nut free, egg free, dairy free and meet any other dietary requirements and be suitable for those with a range of dietary preferences?

Is full disclosure going to be made, is written consent and a disclaimer going to be obtained in advance, with a wet ink signature, including from a legal representative e.g. power of attorney, deputy or other recognised authority, where the recipient lacks temporary or permanent capacity?

If there are any adverse health consequences resulting from inappropriate food being delivered, prepared, served and consumed then who would be liable, both in private capacity and or on behalf of any person or acting in the role of officer or agent or in any other role on behalf of any association, organisation, company or any other dead entity or lifeless body corporate?

For example,

would it be the NHS

would it be the army

would it be the producer

would it be the provider

would it be the deliverer

would it be the carer

would it be any other member of the household if they were in any way responsible for the heating, cooking or serving of the food or pouring of a drink or otherwise preparing and administering? 

Who decides who has caused the harm, who will provide a remedy?

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