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False Prophets - Part 2!

So so many people, Christians included will listen to a voice - any old voice lacking any sort of discernment....

Who is Hugo Talks? A voice of many disguises deep state lol. He even goes under the name of Intelligentsia .

Check out the video

Only Jesus Christ can save you. Truth. Those who have a platform are not going to save you. They're the equivalent of Strictly Come Dancing. Bread and Circuses. So PLEASE don't send me anymore of the mechanical voiceover minute he is Harry and Megan News and next he is calling Neil Oliver a hypocrite about the Royal Family. Irony.

So in the last couple of days his recent video's transcript focusing on 'false prophets' included the following:

So the main false prophet around here has 140k subscribers following a voice....ain't that the truth. A man or a computer with various names and various fingers in lots of different pies - 77th Brigade - the finest chaps in the land!!

and look what he has to say about Neil Oliver?!!

Pots and kettles it is!!!

Ah well they're certainly laughing at the people and at the same time selling their worthless merchandise.

Bless you all until the next time.

Seeking the Truth

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