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UK tourists will soon require extra approval to enter 30 European countries - and there are a number of reasons their application may be rejected. The European Travel Information and Authorisation System (ETIAS) is set to come into force by summer 2024.

It can be applied for online and all holidaymakers must have one if they want to enter hotspots including Spain, France, Portugal and Greece for up to 90 days within a 180 day-period. If the extra step is not completed, or authorised, Brits risk being turned away from their summer holidays, business trips and weekend breaks at airports. Ahead of the change, there's a lot of things travellers should know about the ETIAS, including the reasons why an application may be refused. According to European Union officials, an ETIAS must be valid for an entire stay and anyone who wants to stay longer than the 12 week allocation must apply for an official visa.

Tourists can leave and return to any of the 30 European countries while their ETIAS is valid, Birmingham Live reports. However, an ETIAS does not guarantee that tourists will be permitted access to European countries which require one. All travellers who arrive at the border will still be subject to border checks and may be refused entry if they do not meet conditions.

EU officials have advised that the eight main reasons an ETIAS may be rejected are as follows:

1. Your passport is invalid The ETIAS applicant is using a travel document that is reported as lost, stolen, misappropriated or invalidated. Your travel document must also have a minimum validity of three months from the departure date and must not be damaged physically.

2. You are considered a security risk to the Schengen Area countries, their citizens and travellers. As part of the application process, your criminal record will be checked. Most people won't be barred from applying for a minor offence in the past. But anyone considered a current threat by international security won't be allowed to have an ETIAS

3. You are considered an illegal immigration risk This means the Member State responsible for issuing the ETIAS to the applicant believes that he/she intends to remain in the Schengen Area illegally. 4. You have a high epidemic risk If you are from (or have recently visited) an area where a disease outbreak has occurred.

5. You submit an incomplete application An ETIAS will be rejected if the applicant fails to reply to a request for additional information or documentation within the deadlines after he/she is required to do so. 6. You fail to attend an interview In exceptional circumstances, when there are doubts regarding the information and documents you have provided, the ETIAS National Unit of the Member State might invite you for an interview. This may take place in your country of residence or in a consulate located in another country. If you do not attend the interview, your ETIAS will be denied. 7. There are doubts about your data A travel authorisation will be refused if, at the time of the application, there are "reasonable and serious doubts as to the authenticity of the data, the reliability of the statements made by the applicant, the supporting documents provided by the applicant or the reliability of their contents." 8. You have an alert in the Schengen Information System (SIS) that refuses entry and stay in Europe.

Such an alert could be for terrorism-related activities, for being a reported missing person, for previously staying in Europe illegally, being wanted for arrest for surrender or extradition, or for specific checks on firearms for seizure or use as evidence. The European Union says: "If your application for an ETIAS travel authorisation is refused, or if your ETIAS travel authorisation is revoked or annulled, you will receive an email indicating the grounds for the refusal and the authority that took the decision. You have the right to appeal.

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