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Dransfield V DWP - 27th November 2021

Dear Sirs

As you are aware,I attended the Wolverhampton Court last Wed 23rd Nov in which District Judge Wilkinson adjourned my case for 28 days. He also said that the following two Court Precedents have no standing in a Criminal Court.

1.Lord Denning. Lazarus v Beasley 1956

2.Supreme Court Takhar v Gracefield.2019

I have taken the liberty in sending you this following article which clearly states that FRAUD UNRAVELS ALL in ALL UK COURTS.

I find it necessary to confirm this to you as the Magistrates Courts carry no records of hearings.

I shall be relying upon these two eminent Court Cases in my next submissions against fraud by the DWP.

I must say I am somewhat shocked District Judge Wilkinson is not familiar with 1and 2 above. It is of paramount importance to me to clarify the law to your District Judge Wilkinson is respect of 1&2 above as I am seeking a summons for the arrest of one or more DWP Trusted Public Servants.For clarity and avoidance of any doubt Lord Denning and the Supreme Court Judgements in 1 and 2 above are the yardstick for fraud.

With thanks

Yours sincerely

Alan M Dransfield

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