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Does the UK government represent the people?

Take for example the alleged death tally for CV19 here in the UK.

Action - if acting in the interest of the population - Track Separately. Keep track of various categories of deaths: those that very likely died of covid versus with covid, those with the virus but no symptoms versus those that weren't tested but had covid like symptoms - report these separately.

Action - in UK - Lump everything together. Counting everything where the virus was present even if asymptomatic and not the cause of death as well as 'assumed' cases based on no testing; with the result that the virus appears far more deadly to the public than it is.

Western Governments have mishandled Covid on many levels, and the one statistic that will unseat many of of the politicians plausibly is "excess deaths".  This is the extra deaths from ALL causes above the recent annual average.   

The number who have died and will die because of Non-covid causes eg delays in cancer care etc is clearly embarrassingly large.  

So naturally it suits Governments to fudge definitions and claim that as many as possible are really Covid.

Texas has come up with a death record system where merely contact with a Covid person is enough for the deceased to be recorded as "covid".

The wider problem is that the world of instant communications and 24/7 surveillance by Media is giving us not the greater knowledge that Internet pioneers promised in the mid 90s but greater manipulation of people's minds than we have ever known, outside world war that is.  

This question is a meaty one that campaigners could stir up, but it would need real focused effort.  I suspect Govt's will get away with the manipulation.


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