Did you vote today? Who is really running the country?Part 1

This investigation began when someone on social media posted evidence from Companies House that Boris Johnson’s brother, Joseph Edmund Johnson was appointed as a Director of Dyson Technical Training Limited (part of the Dyson group) on 18th February, 2020, a company registered at Dyson, Tetbury Hill, Malmesbury, Wiltshire, SN16 0RP (it is indeed true) and this company was incorporated 31st March 2017.

I noticed that Joseph Johnson had 7 either active or otherwise appointments at Companies House so I began to look into him further. After all, surely Joseph after having been appointed a Lord also in 2020 by his own brother, Prime Minister, how could he have time to be involved in other ventures. Ha

According to Jo’s own website, Jo is the Chairman of the Tes Global education software group and of Access Creative, the largest independent provider of further education and training for the creative industries. He is also a Senior Fellow at the Harvard Kennedy School and President’s Professorial Fellow at King’s College, London. Prior to his work at Financial Times he worked in Deutsche Bank as an investment banker.

As Head of the No.10 Downing Street Policy Unit and as a Minister of State attending Cabinet, Jo has been a prominent figure in government policy-making under three successive prime ministers. He is a Member of the Privy Council, a Governor of the Ditchley Foundation and a Member of the European Council on Foreign Relations.

I will now turn to The Ditchley Foundation based at Ditchley Park near Chipping Norton, Oxfordshire, established as a privately-funded charity in 1958 by philanthropist Sir David Wills. The founder of the Ditchley Foundation, Sir David Wills, was a descendant of the family that co-founded Imperial Tobacco. He purchased Ditchley Park in 1953 not for the stately mansion, but for the beautiful park attached to the property. His experience in World War II led him to dedicate the use of the mansion to encourage transatlantic dialog in the hopes of promoting global understanding, peace, and security. The Ditchley Foundation was established with this purpose in 1958. Its sister organizations, the American Ditchley Foundation and the Canadian Ditchley Foundation, were established in 1964 and 1981. Moved to act by painful memories of the Second World War and the dangers of the Cold War, Sir David Wills' founded Ditchley to support the Transatlantic Alliance between the United States and Europe by bringing decision makers and experts together in a unique and inspiring setting.

Ditchley connects people to talk through complex problems in support of peace, freedom and order. The Foundation works towards a more dependable, open and connected world by bringing a unique mix of people from the worlds of politics, technology, finance, academia, the media, the arts and more to build new common ground so that we can move toward solutions to global challenges.

The current director is James Arroyo OBE, previously director for data at the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office, charged with adapting the organisation to the digital age. Sister organisations, American and Canadian Ditchley, help to shape the conference programme as well as select American and Canadian participants.

According to the Ditchley Foundation website:

We aim to

  • Build networks of people who share our determination to tackle today’s challenges.

  • Enable better policy making for governments and politicians.

  • Deepen journalists’ insight, so better informing the public and holding power to account.

  • Help company leaders think through their impact and role in society.

  • Support scientists and technology leaders in rooting new technologies in sound values.

We focus on a range of challenging issues, including:

  • Renewing political leadership and vision for the future, creating a new palette of modern options for both left and right, globalists and localists.

  • Renewing the US and UK relationship, of which Ditchley is the “spiritual home”.

  • Renewing the UK’s links with Europe after Brexit; and expanding globally.

  • Engaging China on shared challenges in a constructive way.

  • Making the most of technology and mitigating the risks.

  • Renewing the role of business in society and in a sustainable global economy.

  • Developing education to meet the challenges of rapid change.

  • Sustaining our environment by supporting action on climate change and the UN’s SDG 2030 goals.

Yes, you heard this correct!! Supporting the UN's SDG 2030 goals. No Parliament voting required!!

So to return to the original question, did you bother to vote today and if so, do you know exactly what you gave your consent to exactly?

Stay tuned in for Part 2. Also please check my Telegram group


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