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Dellingpod - Fri, Aug 13, 2021, 6:28 AM

Good morning Alex Thomson of the UK Column

Congratulations on your slot on Dellingpod. I listened to the first 50 minutes. Your subject material was diverse, from gematria/symbology to the families who rule the planet and it was indeed welcome news to hear that your interviewer had confessed to becoming a Christian.

In view of the various points that were raised, I would like to cover some of your points as follows:

1. The existence of the RAINS list which was uploaded several years ago now, I have previously reviewed it, unfortunately finding it lacking in substance and it certainly would never stand up as evidence in a court of law. In any event, by making this information public, it surely would never be admissible since it would undoubtedly prejudice the verdict. I'm not sure whether you are aware but various correspondence has come to light on social media highlighting some sort of sexual abuse happening in a Welsh Lodge (date of 2018). The correspondence appears to reveal UK Column being made aware of the abuse at that time. Please can you provide the crime reference number and advise as to the current state of play? Have you and Jon Wedger tackled the problem as yet since the matter is three years' old already? Would you like me to send you what is circulating as a reminder? There must be money in the kitty from the Wedger Foundation to cover this type of situation occurring.

2. The significance held by the satanists of gematria/ significance of number sequences and so forth. According to some of 'the nurses' who have been working with govt. Oracle Films (Shemirani/Hine Diamond) they're no longer happy with their exposure. As you can see from the attached post, Oracle Films has the numbers 33 and 999 displayed prominently which clearly highlights their agenda. It appears that they are now planning to identify the veterans. If I remember rightly, UK Column is working with Oracle Films collecting data and so forth.

3. The significance of symbology - logos of organisations. Can you explain why one of the UK Column crew is a 'commissioner' of an organisation called International Tribunal for Natural Justice which displays a Jesuit logo with a website containing United Nations jargon. Natural Justice is not of 'God' but of the New World Order. Incidentally the definition of commissioner is a person appointed to a role by on or by a commission so what's that about?!

As someone who attended a 'Christian mission', I would have thought it useful for you to have covered the Book of Enoch and the nephalim on the show which as you know is of particular import during this time of tribulation. Obviously you will be aware that the only way forward is to turn back to God and I thought that you might have covered this bearing in mind your extensive knowledge on such historical and biblical matters.

Ephesians 6:12

I look forward to hearing from you.



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