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Defamation by the Deep State

Dear Mark Steele

This afternoon

On Telegram today your brother, Graham Steele, stated that I outed myself as a government agent. Obviously that is defamation and totally untrue which begs the question 🤔 why would your brother write such scurrilous stuff considering who you have recently been working with and for?

According to Wikipedia* you attended court several years ago for unlawful wounding with intent to endanger life. How did you manage to possess a firearm in the first place? How is the lady in the wheelchair faring decades on? Why were you scared of a teenage girl?

I await your response

Caroline Stephens Seeking the truth


In 1993, Steele was convicted of the shooting of a teenage girl, who had been hit by a shot from a hand-gun fired by Steele during an argument outside the Redskins Pub, Washington, Tyne and Wear. Steele, who was working as a bouncer at the pub, claimed that he was concerned about his safety and brandished the weapon out of "bravado". In court, Steele admitted to unlawful wounding, possession of a firearm with an intent to endanger life and illegal possession of ammunition. Steele was sentenced to eight years' imprisonment. The bullet entered the victim's skull and she was left with serious disabilities.[1][3][28]

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