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David Noakes. Fundraising email 8th November 2021

Good morning Andrew (aka Grant!!) and Keith

(and copied to others including UK Column)

I was recently sent a clip from a current UK Column Show providing an update on the David Noakes 'fundraising' activities whereby the show had added £500 taking the total to approx £10,000.

Well it seems that you both have been very busy on the crowdfunding campaign. A friend of mine, Paola, has contacted me to explain how badly she has been treated by you and I have the footage to prove it! I note that she has personally given money to 'you' for the David Noakes Crowdfunding Exercise which has not seemingly been included in the accumulated total as revealed on the UK Column episode.

I have interviewed Noakes on four occasions and the comments made about accumulated gold under each video made for interesting reading and perhaps this was why my YouTube channel was removed. Perhaps you can explain what happened to the 'gold', an exact breakdown of the crowdfunding including ALL monies collected and where the money has been spent/squandered. Is this another 'bread and circuses' performance for the goy? Isn't it about time that you 'fessed' up?

Treating women like this?

Thanking you in advance.


Caroline StephensSeeking the truth

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