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Currie and the Slog

I switched on Good Morning Britain today, chiefly on the grounds of the ghastly Piers Morgan no longer being part of the mix. I’ve never seen the show before, but it did bring back memories of ‘sofa news’ over the years, in that everything has to be upbeat, smiley and such a jolly lark.

In keeping with this style, Edwina Curry appeared on a video link to discuss Covid vaccination certificates. Her general air was one of ‘isn’t it wonderful how we’ve vaccinated fifty million people so I can now go to the theatre and concerts with my proof of vaccination and be very certain that I won’t be standing next to somebody infectious and you know, the only real side-effect of this jab is that we’ve all got itchy feet hahahahahaha so lets get out there and take our freedom back’.

Anchor lady said ‘so you want compulsory vaccination then?’ to which a horrified Currie replied certainly not no good gracious me I just want the freedom to not stand next to selfish people who don’t want the jab.

The presenter didn’t ask whether she was therefore in favour of leper colonies, which was sad because that’s exactly what I’d have done. However, with the viewers nodding enthusiastically at home to the wise words of Edwina the Eagle, a second person, Abbi Roberts popped up in another video frame to woffle on about Russian fascism and how that Mrs Thatcher would never have allowed this. You may recall that in 1988, then junior health minister Edwina Currie warned the British public that most of the egg production in the UK was affected by Salmonella. The ramifications caused egg sales to plummet.

Anchor bimbo reminded this anonymous lady that Covid19 “is a deadly disease” (cut to the Eaglet nodding furiously) and so what would she do? This evoked muttering followed by a quick interruption from the interrogator (cut to Currie shaking her head with a patronising smile) and then whammo, onto cat stuck in tree somewhere near East Grinstead.

Utterly absent from the slot (or indeed Edwina Currie’s breezy illogic) was the following counter argument:

· Currie has thus taken an unnecessary risk in “having the jab” just so she can go out “to hear Bob Marley”. (Marley died thirty years ago, but this didn’t seem to curb Currie’s bright-eyed expectation)

· Like most sawdust-headed politicians, Our Edwina hasn’t given much thought to the long term consequences of lost herd immunity. (About the same amount, in fact, as she gave to the act of shagging John Major) he is supporting compulsory vaccination by stealth for utterly selfish reasons, and dismissing the obvious libertarian case here. That neither of the lightweight anchors took her to task on this obvious fact represents yet one more indelible stain on mass-media journalism.

· I can’t wait for the next infant school book off the production line (should our children ever go back to school) which will no doubt be called Fun with masks and needles. Either way, Boris Djugashvili will be live on telly later to tell us why a daily death toll of ten citizens will require we, the stupid and stubborn unvaccinated swine, to carry bells and yell “Unclean!” as we totter through the streets begging for food. In what has become BoJo’s classic tactic of testing flag-salutes in advance, large tracts of his imminent speech have been leaked to those hacks under strict instructions to behave themselves. By far the most outrageous of these is twice-weekly testing for Covid via free chemist kits paid for by yet more borowing by Rishi Sunak the Government.

· The “state of the art” PCR testing that was always unfit for purpose (albeit lauded persistently by Matt the Mendacious Mule) has now been superceded by lateral flow tests – which wags in medical circles have dubbed literal flaw jests, because they’re meant to be an early warning system, but can’t detect Covid19 during the early symptom-free stage. It’s what we virology experts call a Not early warning system, or “news” for short. And everyone “will be urged” to take it twice a week…..paid for by yet more borrowing by Rishi Sunak the Government.

· This sketch is getting silly.

· Some are at last catching onto the Sillyscaletron element. Head of the 1922 Committee Graham Brady writes an attack piece in the Torygraph today including the words, ‘…the foundation stone of British liberty was casually tossed aside under lockdown laws that made it an offence to leave your home unless it was for a reason that was deemed acceptable by Matt Hancock….ministers have been keen to cling to emergency powers for longer than they are needed and have been too willing to ban things that are perfectly safe for fear that people will get carried away with the idea that they can make their own decisions.’

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