COVID-19 rapid guideline: vitamin D NICE guideline [NG187]Published date: 17 December 2020


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This guideline covers vitamin D use in the context of COVID‑19. It is for adults, young people and children in hospitals and community settings. Vitamin D is important for bone and muscle health. It may also have a role in the body's immune response to respiratory viruses. When using this guideline, follow the usual professional guidelines, standards and laws (including those on equalities, safeguarding, communication and mental capacity), as described in making decisions using NICE guidelines. See also the NICE guideline on Vitamin D: supplement use in specific population groups. This guideline is for:

  • health and care practitioners

  • health and care staff in hospital and community settings

  • commissioners

The recommendations bring together:

  • evidence from published literature on vitamin D supplementation for preventing or treating COVID-19, associations of vitamin D status with COVID-19, and indirect evidence on vitamin D supplementation for preventing acute respiratory tract infection in the general population (from the updated Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition rapid review)

  • existing national guidance and policies (including UK government advice on taking a vitamin D supplement)

  • advice from specialists working in the NHS from across the UK, including nutritionists, intensive care specialists, public health physicians, microbiologists, general practitioners and pharmacists.

We developed this guideline with the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition and Public Health England using the interim process and methods for guidelines developed in response to health and social care emergencies. We will review and update the recommendations as the knowledge base develops.

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